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Why Taking Less Will Give You More When You’re Marketing With Articles
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Your articles should teach your reader how to do something. You are a teacher, not a sales person in your articles.

You are a teacher and a motivator in your articles, rather than a sales person.

Here is the formula that you should be using when you are writing your articles:

The article is where you give, and the resource box is where you take.

This means that the article (and that includes the title and article summary) is to benefit your reader.

The article is where you offer helpful information that your reader would be interested in.

You are not trying to sell a certain product or convince anyone that they should use your services or even visit your website. You are simply creating content that a member of your target market would find useful to his life.

Sounds a bit different than any type of marketing you’ve done in the past, eh?

You may be wondering–how can the reader connect the dots between my article and my product, services, website and business if I don’t lead them by the nose and hit them upside the head with my sale pitch?

Great question–let’s address it…

In order for you to benefit from article marketing, you must create content that is useful to your target readers. Why?


In order to have your article published on the internet, it must first get past the gate keeper.

1 – The publisher is the gate keeper.

Before your article has the opportunity to be seen by anyone on the net, it must first pass publisher approval.

Publishers want to provide quality educational content for their readers. Most publishers have editorial guidelines that an article must pass before being approved and published on their website.

A very common editorial requirement is that an article must not be promotional. In fact ‘promotional article’ is the #1 decline reason among quality publishers.

What benefit is it to you to write an article that promotes your own business or products when the article is not accepted on the publisher level?

In order to make article marketing work for you, you must create content that publishers want to publish.

2 – Put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

When you are looking for information online, are you looking for objective knowledge-based content, or are you hoping to run across an article that is clearly biased and where the author has the main objective of selling you something?

You know the answer to that. We tend to steer clear of sales pitches and become very suspicious of the people who are throwing them at us.

Your article is like a home improvement class…

Your article is like a home improvement class.

Have you ever been to one of those home improvement stores where they offered free classes on how to lay tile, how to weatherproof your windows, how to install a faucet, etc?

You see the class being offered and you say, “Great–I want to learn about that. I’ll take the class.”

Then you go to the class and they show you how to do these home improvement things. They even let you try it yourself, and they offer you all the information you need to do the task.

At the end of the class, you have it in your mind to lay tile in your kitchen. So, you ask the expert tile person who has just taught the free class to tell you where to find the products needed for the project. He walks you around the store and helps you gather your supplies. He says, “Here’s my phone number–call me if you have any questions about laying this tile on your floor.”

This is sort of what article marketing is like.

Your article is the free class.

Just like the home improvement store people are just giving you practical ‘how to’ information without a sales pitch, so your articles should do the same thing.

Your resource box is the time after the class when you can help your reader apply what you have just taught.

That is the spot where you can recommend products, services, and your website. This is the time when you can give your reader your contact info (your website address) and offer to help them further.

It’s a different experience than a full on sales assault, but this is the way that article marketing works.

Taking less will definitely give you more.

The article is for the reader, while the resource box is for you to talk about yourself and your business.

You can easily see that between the article and the resource box that the resource box is the smaller area. Even though you have the smaller space to promote your business, you are gaining more than you would if you tried to use the article to convince readers to become your customers.

When you’re writing your next article, remember: Take less and get more.

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3 Responses to “Why Taking Less Will Give You More When You’re Marketing With Articles”

  1. Eria Odhuba says:

    This is spot on. I think one thing that troubles a lot of people with this strategy is trying to figure out the amount of information that needs to be freely shared before the sales kick in.

    This can vary and humans, by nature, are rather impatient and want to get quick results. The principles still hold though – keep the fee information flowing and the opportunities to then speak to people about specific services will then come.

    The other thing – there are so many direct sales pitches out there at the moment. It is a relief to just get great information without having to worry about getting hassled to buy anything. This is something many so called Information Marketing gurus still fail to do.

  2. Wow, thanks for posting this article, and sharing such wonderful info,,This is really gonna help me out and i really appreciate it.

  3. Joseph Marck says:

    The above thought is smart and doesn’t require any further addition.
    It’s perfect thought from my side.

    Joseph Marck

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