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Marketing With Articles: How To Be An Awesome Beginner
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Every day there are oodles of people who are entering the world of marketing with articles for the very first time.

There is one bad thing about starting a new endeavour–it can seem overwhelming starting at square one.

If you have ever taken any sort of martial arts class you know what I mean. I have a friend who was interested in doing martial arts, but when she got to the class and saw all the black belts, brown belts, and purple belts walking around, she suddenly felt very vulnerable and out of her depth!

“What am I doing here?” she thought. “Everyone is so advanced, and I don’t know a thing!”

Thankfully, before she could run from the class, one of the instructors explained to her the meaning of the various belt colours. His explanation helped her to reframe her perception of what it meant to be a beginner.

The Beauty Of A Beginner

The white belt, he explained, symbolizes purity. The person who is a white belt has the purity that a newborn baby does, having no knowledge.

This status is cherished–who doesn’t stand in awe to look upon a baby who has just been born? The baby may not have any knowledge, but that also means he has innocence–he has purity. That is the way that beginners with the white belt are perceived–pure and innocent.

Isn’t that an interesting way to think of things?

Could it be that our society that is so achievement oriented and competitive has lost its appreciation for the beauty of a beginner?

As you read this post, there is a very good chance that you are wearing a beginner’s shoes as you start to learn how to do article marketing. Odds are you don’t like how the shoes fit–they’re a bit tight and uncomfortable, aren’t they?

It’s uncomfortable to think that you’re the one in the room who doesn’t know which end is up. It’s uncomfortable to think that others appear to be grasping new concepts with ease, but things just aren’t making sense to you.

I just want to set your mind at ease about a few things:

Reminder #1: It may feel like everyone is more advanced than you, but there are actually tons of people who are at the same stage of learning as you. Your eyes are just drawn to the people who are more advanced, but as a beginner you  have a lot of company.

Reminder #2: Don’t compare yourself to others. It may seem like other people are understanding things at a faster rate than you, but that isn’t necessarily true, nor does it matter. Whenever you’re learning a new skill, it helps not to compare yourself to others, but rather to accept that everyone is different and will progress at their own pace.

Reminder #3: Everyone who is good at something got that way by practicing. They did not start as an expert; rather they gained knowledge slowly and eventually they gained enough knowledge to be really good at what they do. But you can’t get really good unless you go through the stage of being a beginner.

Your Job As A Beginner:

1 – Start writing articles on your niche (that’s the general topic of your website). This is a skill in itself, and it takes some getting used to. When using an automatic article submitter such as, your goal is to write and submit 8 articles a month.

2 – Develop a writing routine. This will help with your writing consistency, which is the foundation on which all other article marketing skills are built. For example, a person can have expert knowledge about article marketing, but their article marketing campaign will not work unless they consistently submit articles.

As a beginner, there is one thing you can excel in–consistency. As you’re just getting started, make that your goal. It is the best thing that you can do to have article marketing success, and you are able to do it from Day 1 if you like.

3 – Be aware of new things that you can learn, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. It doesn’t help to take on advanced concepts in marketing with articles before you’re ready. Get comfortable with the basics, and then you can take on more.

Are you a beginner with article marketing? What has been your biggest challenge in learning to market your website with articles?

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3 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: How To Be An Awesome Beginner”

  1. Ron Mayer says:

    Thanks for the article. Being overwhelmed and feeling like the site is not moving fast enough is one of the feelings I have to overcome constantly. What I found is that keeping the momentum going, even if it’s just a few minutes a day is crucial on setting your goals and keeping your mind on track.

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