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Marketing With Articles: How To Write Your Own Content
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When you do article marketing, you have two choices:

You can outsource your content creation to a professional writer or you can get your hands dirty and do your own article writing.

If you decide to write your own content and you’re not already used to writing, trust me–it gets easier over time and you’ll get faster too, even if you have never thought of yourself as “a writer”.

Here are some tips and techniques for making the writing process easier…

1 – Just start writing.

The best tip if you’re stuck is just to start writing about anything…anything…that comes into your head. This is what I call a “writing warm-up”.

This works by greasing the mental wheels as well as removing the horror of the blank page, and you’ll find that once you start writing great ideas will start to pop into your head.

It’s incredibly simple, but it always helps to have some steps to follow. Here’s a tutorial on how to how to do a writing warm-up.

2 – Let your article cool down.

First you warmed up to write your article, and after you have a first draft in place, you’ll let your article cool down by leaving it  alone for a few days after you’ve written it. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll then be able to improve its’ readability and construction.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to set your article aside a few times during the writing process–possibly after the first draft, after the second draft, and after the final draft.

3 – Check your spelling and grammar.

Try to always ensure that your article does not contain any spelling mistakes and that it reads well. You can run your article through a spell checker before you submit it, but an even better idea is to ask someone else to read through it.

A few spelling mistakes or a readability issue can seriously degrade what would otherwise be a high quality article that would bring you traffic for years to come into a lower quality article that publishers will be less likely to publish and readers less likely to be impressed with.

Thank about it–if it’s worth writing the article, it’s worth ensuring that it’s the best it can be. Your article will be ‘out there’ on the internet for a long time to come. It will be representing you and your business. For most readers, it will be the first impression they get, so make sure it’s a positive one.

Article Guidelines

* Your articles should be between 400-800 words for best results.

* Your content should be informative and not promotional (sales oriented). You’ll be talking about topics of interest to your potential prospects, rather than promoting your business, website or products. The resource box is the place to mention your own product, service or business. Trying to do so in the article body is a big no-no!

*Your article should reflect the niche of the website you are linking to via the resource box–remember, the article is designed to attract potential prospects to your website, as well as provide a relevant context for the link heading back to your site. So, if your website is about cats, there’s no point in writing about dogs.

Bonus Tips:

* It might not be necessary to come up with an idea from scratch. You can recycle other content that you’ve written to create your articles.

If you have a blog, then look for posts that teach readers how to do something. You can re-write the blog post and then submit it as an article. Â Here’s a resource that teaches how to bounce articles off of blog content.

* If you’ve written any e-books, then you can turn each chapter into a new article (no need to re-write the content if it’s coming from an e-book.). Here’s a tutorial on turning your e-book into articles.

* If that’s not enough–here are 25 article topic ideas.

* And here is a collection of resources that will help you find great writing topics.

Writing articles isn’t hard, but it does take some getting used to. You might find it helpful to look at some of the free reprint articles on our article directory to give you an idea of what to shoot for.

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