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Marketing With Articles: Learning To Submit Articles Over The Long Term
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As a writer you will learn to take an infinite number of different angles on your topic.

Last time started covering this excellent question from a reader about creativity and coming up with fresh article ideas :

Do you ever wonder how many slices you can cut the cake up into?

Your subject here is all about article marketing &, I must admit, I am surprised how you keep on coming up with another topic / angle to talk about!

When we’re writing articles, surely there can only be so much to discuss before everything has been covered?

First off, it might help not to think of your topic as being a cake–there are only so many pieces that a cake can be cut into before it gets messy!

This might be a better picture for you…

You’re A Photographer

Imagine you’re a photographer who is set down in Hawaii and assigned the “task” of taking photos that reflect the location. (Hard work, I know! ;) )

Will you ever get to the point where you say, “I think I’ve taken every picture that I can possibly take.”?

No, you’ll never reach that point, because there are so many variables.

Even in a smaller location–say a park in your city–you would never run out of photos to take. You can take pictures from a million different angles, different distances, at different times of day, using different cameras with different effects. The possibilities are endless.

Even if you were told you could only photograph flowers or rocks, there are still limitless photos that you could take.

Your Articles Are Part Of A Conversation

Remember that you’re not just writing articles for the internet–you’re writing for real people. The articles that you write address the problems and concerns that your readers have, which are always changing.

If you had 10 people write to you asking the same general question phrased in 10 different ways, your response to those people would be different, depending on the nuances of their personal question.

This blog post/article is a good example–I’ve written lots of articles on how to come up with writing topics, but I’ve never written this one before.

I’m not able to mark the topic of “how to come up with article topics” off my list of covered topics, because it’s always possible that a thoughtful reader will share his concerns with me, and I’ll respond to his specific question in a new way.

If you’re able to generate a new article when different questions are posed on the same topic, then that shows that it is possible to have more writing topics, even when you feel like you’ve run out.

If you don’t have anyone asking you questions, think of your own questions. What are you wondering about your niche? Â You can also do keyword research to find out what questions people are typing into Google related to your niche. And you can use your blog to ask people if they have any questions for you–you might get some good ones!

Take It One Day (And One Article) At A Time…

You may be struggling to come up with article ideas today, and then project forward and wonder how you’ll be able to come up with article ideas over the long term.

It helps just to focus on today and to trust that tomorrow’s articles will be there. You don’t know what you’re going to be inspired with next week or next month, but it’ll happen.

It also helps to have this mindset–there is no end to your topic. There is not any point in which you’ve covered everything. We all experience times when it feels like we’ve said it all, but there are always more topics, more angles, more new developments.

What I have seen for myself and with lots of clients is that if you stick with it you will eventually come up with fresh inspiration. Many times the dry times can precede times when you’re overflowing with new ideas.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think you can ever cover every possible aspect of your niche?

I’d also like to hear from some people who have been writing for years on the same topic–please share any tips you’ve picked up for coming up with writing topics over the long term.

In case you missed it, here’s the post from last time:

What If You Feel Like You’ve Run Out Of Writing Topics?

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2 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: Learning To Submit Articles Over The Long Term”

  1. Nice one Steve.
    What I do sometimes is go to Digg and see whats new, set up Google alerts for my topics, and/or browse in Q and A sites like YahooAnswers. I get some cool ideas and angles from real-world conversations.


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