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Marketing With Articles: 5 Frequently Asked Questions from Newbies
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Here are 5 frequently asked newbie questions...

I have the pleasure of receiving all sorts of questions from people at various stages of experience with article marketing.

Some of the most brilliant questions are from absolute newbies.

Maybe you have a few questions yourself…

I thought it might be helpful to share a few with you in case you were wondering the same thing.

1- I’m concerned about building links too fast–any advice? has a feature called ArticleTrickle that allows you to set your article to go out gradually over anything from 2 to 90 days. This is designed to do exactly what you’re looking for, i.e. help avoid increasing the number of links too fast. What I do with my own articles is submit 8 or so a month, set them to each be distributed over a 30 day period, and that’s worked very well for me.

2 – What should I write about? Do I write about my own business–is that how article marketing works?

Great questions–when doing article marketing, your articles should not be about your business, website, products, services, etc. None of that should be mentioned in the title or article body. If you do mention those things in your title or article body, the article will likely be declined as being “promotional”, or sales oriented.

The article itself should be educational–teaching your readers about some aspect of your general niche. For example, if you are an accountant, one of your articles may be teaching the reader how to create a monthly budget.

The resource box is the appropriate spot to talk about your own website, business, products, etc.

A saying we use is: “The article is where you give. The resource box is where you take.”

3 – Should an article contain links? If so, how many links are appropriate?

I have two answers to this question, depending on what type of submission you are doing.

a) If you are using the Naked Articles feature with, then you can put up to two links in your article that go back to your website. If this is you, then you can ignore the “b” option below.

b) If you are just doing a regular submission and are not using Naked Articles, then for maximum exposure of your article, it is generally recommended not to include links in your article body itself. In those types of situations it is recommended to put links only within the resource box – a minority of publishers do not as a rule publish articles that contain links within the article body.

However, if you do wish to include links in your article body (and you are not creating a Naked Article), it is recommended that any such links:

• do not link to your own web site,
• do not match any web site linked to the resource box
• are in context with and provide further value to the information provided in the article
• are not affiliate links
• do not otherwise benefit you as the author – i.e. the link should be of benefit to the reader of the article, rather than serve for your own benefit.

The number of links should be appropriate to the article you are submitting.

4 – My website’s ranking fluctuates–there must be something wrong.

I’ve got good news for you–there is nothing wrong.

Rankings are in a constant state of fluctuation, and a slip in the rankings (or indeed a rise) can be related to a number of factors, for example an algorithm update on the search engine in question, changes on your site, changes in the way other sites are linking to you or other external SEO factors, what competitors are doing, and so on.

In my own experience, the rankings dance around a lot, and can also change according to what computer you are viewing them from, or where you are located (for example, I see different rankings for my own sites in the US, to what I see when I view from the UK).

My own rankings often change not just on a daily basis, but they can often change on an hourly basis.

What you’re really looking for is an ‘average’ position for a particular keyword ranking over time, rather than expecting a position to remain constant.

5 – How many articles should I submit?

If you are submitting automatically via my article submitter,, there is no limit to the number of articles that you can submit, but for optimum results we recommend 8 articles per month per website.

If you are submitting manually, you need to submit significantly more articles (more than I care to even think about!).

This is why people see their best results over the long term with an automatic article submission service. There is a limit to the number of articles that you can write and keep up over the long term. If you are submitting manually, and you have to submit 50 articles a month to get the job done, how long will you keep that up? Probably not very long.

I’ve heard people say that submitting articles with is like “article marketing on steroids”. That means that you can do the least amount of work possible and see results that far exceed those of people who are working themselves into the ground. It makes article marketing doable!

As you are learning to do article marketing, it is only natural that you will have a steady stream of questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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6 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: 5 Frequently Asked Questions from Newbies”

  1. Can you tell me what the key words are?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Harvey Edwards: Hi Harvey,

    Here is some more information on keywords and what they are:

    SEO Article Writing 101

    Please then scroll down to the section on keywords.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Great article. I was only doing less articles because I thought I was getting to many links. Its good to know that you recommend 8 per month.


  4. douglas says:

    Would my .com site be easier to rank in the UK with a site? How many links would you expect from each published article?

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Douglas,

    A site is likely to rank better for searchers in the UK but not as well outside the UK, but a .com site would rank equally well in the UK as well and would have the advantage of better rankings beyond UK shores.

    In terms of links, impossible question to answer and not something to be overly focused on as it varies massively between different articles, different niches, and so on – it’s better to think more in terms of building up hundreds and then thousands of links over time via a consistent article marketing campaign, where you’re regularly submitting articles. You get more leverage out of each article by using our ArticleLeverage technology, more powerful still through Gold Level features like Advanced ArticleLeverage and blog submissions (including Naked Articles).


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