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How to Write an Unbiased Review When Marketing with Articles
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If your website is about running, then you may want to write a review of the latest running shoes.

When you are marketing with articles you may wish to write an article that is a review of a product or service.

For example, let’s say your website is about running, and you want to write a review about the latest running shoe that has come on the market.

Or maybe you are a travel agent, and you want to write a review of a certain holiday resort.

It is fine for an article to be a review of a specific product or service, unless it’s obvious from the article that the author would personally profit through his or her recommendation of it.

Why this qualification?

“Promotional article” is the #1 reason why publishers decline articles, so you really want to be sure not to give the impression that your article is trying to sell anything.

Articles should always come across as informational rather than promotional.

To have the best chance of being accepted by publishers, your article reviews should be unbiased.

From Merriam-Webster's dictionary

Unbiased means that you are not overly fond or disapproving of the thing that you are reviewing.

You are objective– no one would get the impression from reading the article that you personally profit by writing the review.

Additionally, unbiased reviews have more credibility with readers. If your article is heavily slanted in one direction, then you lose your status as objective reviewer.

Here are some guidelines for writing an unbiased review for article marketing:

  • A good way to communicate that a review is unbiased is to include pros and cons of the product or service. A completely glowing recommendations of the product can sound a little suspect, like you are trying to sell something. To make your review more objective, try to include a few of the negatives as well as the positives.
  • The ‘language’ used in the review should not be promotional or ‘hyped’, as you might expect within an advertisement. Your article should not sound like a sales letter for the thing that you are reviewing.
  • The review should not explicitly encourage readers to buy a particular product.
  • The review (article body) should not include an affiliate link or a link to the author’s website. (Exception: If you are a Gold Level member of, then you have the option of creating Naked Article links in the article body. So, abiding by the guidelines for Naked Articles, you could insert your affiliate link discretely in the article body.)
  • There should not be an affiliate link in the resource box for the product being written about in the article.
  • The resource box for the review should not include information on how to purchase the product. However it is fine for the author to link back to a page on his site with a more detailed review on the product.

Here are some examples of unbiased reviews:

Pet Assure Dog and Pet Insurance Review by Scott Lipe

Acedemicos da Rocinha Samba-School Review by Andre Skowronski

FIFA 10 Soccer Video Game Review by Bobby Buys

Review of New Tai Chi Documentary DVD – Chen Village by Ken Gullette

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  1. Another great article, it is so hard not to promote your product having come from the old school. To learn to do a proper unbiased review can be a real challenge, but is absolutely necessary. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

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