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Marketing With Articles: What Do You And Publishers Get From Free Reprint Articles?
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When you first hear about the concept of article marketing, you’re trying to understand what different parties are involved and what they’re getting out of the arrangement.

You know that with article marketing website owners create educational content on their niche, and then other website owners (publishers) reprint that content on their sites along with a link (or links) going back to the website of the author.

One obvious question that I get sometimes is:Â What do publishers get out of putting free reprint articles on their websites? People also want to know how submitting free reprint articles can benefit the person who does the writing.

Those are great questions–let’s begin by tackling the first one.

What The Publisher Gets…

The publisher benefits by getting niche specific content that is helpful to his readers. Also, when Google is trying to determine the importance of a person’s website, one factor that it considers is how long a reader stays on the site after being referred from the search engine. The more quality content that is on your site, the longer that readers will tend to stay and look around, and that can impact the publisher’s search engine rankings for the better.

If the publisher wanted to write all of the content on his site, that would be great, but many publishers simply do not have the time or inclination to produce content on a consistent basis. That’s why they turn to free reprint articles.

Most of the time, the publisher will have a website that is based around a certain topic. He may very well write some of the content himself, but many publishers find it beneficial to supplement their content with free reprint articles. The publisher looks for content that is appropriate to his readership, and he selects articles that he thinks will bring value to his website and that his readers will find helpful.

The publisher benefits from posting free reprint articles on his site because it helps him build up the useful content on his site. He benefits by creating a better user experience for the people who visit his website. He also benefits by creating a “sticky” website–one that people stick around and read after being referred to from a search engine. That “stickiness” can help with search engine rankings.

What The Writer Gets…

Let’s move on to question #2: When you write an article, how does that help your website?

While the articles are free (the publisher does not have to pay money for them), the writer obviously needs to get something in return for providing the content.

The reason why people create free reprint articles is to market their websites. With a traditional free reprint article, there is a resource box (aka ‘author bio’) that appears beneath the article that includes biographical information as well as an incentive to visit the author’s website and a link or two to the site.

That resource box and those links going back to the author’s website are the author’s “payment”.

What’s so great about a resource box and back links?

The resource box allows you to talk about your business, your products and your website and to try to persuade the reader to visit your site.

That resource box is the key to all the benefits that article marketing can bring. When someone reads your article, it’s natural for him or her to look at your resource box to discover more information about you and your topic. If you craft a strong resource box, you can actually get the reader to visit your website by clicking in the resource box.

There is another way that the links in the resource box benefit you–in the search engine rankings. When you do article marketing, you are creating links that go to your website. The links are coming from web pages that contain content that is relevant to your niche (this would be the content that you created and submitted as a free reprint article), and oftentimes the entire site that the article is published on is at least in your general niche.

The links help send a message to Google about the importance and the topic of your website. The content on the pages where the links are coming from give the links context–it makes sense to Google that links going to a website about snow skiing are coming from another web page about snow skiing.

By doing article marketing, you help Google to appropriately categorize and rank your website. With consistent article marketing, you can improve the search engine rankings for the web pages on your site. The higher the search engine ranking, the more website traffic you’ll receive.

I hope that explains things. It’s natural to wonder who is getting what out of the article marketing arrangement, and it really helps to see that it is a win-win situation for both publishers and authors.

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