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Marketing With Articles: What Does It Mean To Be An Expert?
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What does it mean to be an expert?

At what point are you really an expert?

I had an interesting question recently:

I know you are supposed to show your expertise in your articles, but at what point can a person really consider themselves an expert in their field? I have seen people in various niches advertising courses that would take you from beginner to expert in a matter of weeks–is that really possible? What makes someone an “expert”?

If you have been online for any amount of time, you have probably noticed that the web is populated by “experts”.

Sometimes the title is genuinely deserved; other times it is self-applied for personal gain and has no truth in it.

Why this quest for becoming an expert and showing expertise?

One of the main purposes of the internet is to provide people with helpful information that will improve their lives, so it is no wonder that achieving an expert status is beneficial.

If your readers and customers regard you as an expert in your field, they are more likely to trust your advice, purchase your products, and stay tuned to what you say and do.

If Google acknowledges that your website has authority (expertise) in your field, then your site will appear higher in the search engine rankings. A higher search engine ranking can radically affect the number of people who visit your website, and the number of people who visit your website bears a direct relation to the number of sales you make and customers you win.

A person’s (and a website’s) ability to achieve expert status is at the heart of success in the online world.

I love these questions that this person has asked about this “expert” stuff, so let’s take a look at them one by one:

At what point can a person really consider themselves an expert in their field?

Obviously this is a very subjective question, so let me give you a personal, subjective answer.

I don’t even remember the exact moment in time when I really felt comfortable calling myself an expert in my field. I just know that it was my very keen interest in programming, software design, and internet marketing that propelled me to develop my online article submission business,

I had a quest for achieving something spectacular that would fulfill a specific need (submitting articles to tons of targeted publishers with minimal effort), and that led to much doing, testing, learning, creating, improving, learning, upgrading, and more learning.

Here is an indispensable quality that always accompanies a person who is truly an expert–they have an insatiable desire to learn.

Knowledge is an staircase that has no end...

Knowledge is a staircase that has no end...

The more they learn, the more they want to keep on learning.

A person who is in the process of becoming an expert is excited by the prospect of going up the grand staircase of increasing knowledge on his or her topic.

The more experienced you become, the more you realize that there is no top to the staircase. It just goes up and up and up.

At no point does an expert think he has learned everything, but at some point a person realizes that he has gained enough specialized knowledge on his topic that he can instruct others–he has valuable information to share with others.

An expert does not know everything in his field (no one knows everything), but he has confidence that when presented with a problem that he can figure it out.

I would like to spend more time on this idea of “what is an expert” and address the other questions that this reflective reader asked at the top of this post. We will continue this topic in upcoming posts, but first I want to leave you with a story and an assignment.

Portrait of an Expert

Pablo Casals (1876-1973) was a Spanish cellist who came to be known as the best cellist in the world. Even in his old age Casals continued to practice the cello several hours a day…

…when Casals (then age 93) was asked why he continued to practice the cello three hours a day, Casals replied “I’m beginning to notice some improvement …

An expert knows his stuff but is also driven to reach even higher.

No matter what level of knowledge you have in your field, you should be an active student of your niche. You cannot be an expert without a passion for learning.

Your Homework

  • What are you doing to increase your knowledge in your specific niche?
  • This week, what will you do to set yourself on a path to improve at article marketing?

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3 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: What Does It Mean To Be An Expert?”

  1. What an ‘expertly’ written post! The example of Pablo Casals and the image of the staircase are the kinds of things that turn an ordinary article into a great one. Honestly, I’ve been sitting on the fence about whether to try Submit Your Article or one of your rivals until today. The time’s not quite right yet, but this single post has sealed my decision. Isn’t it interesting that without writing a single word of hype, you convinced me to try your product? That’s ‘expert’ article marketing! Thanks!

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Rob Schneider: Hi Rob–thank you very much. You’ve just made my day :) We would be glad to welcome you on board when you are ready. If you ever have any questions or need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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