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Marketing With Articles: Writing Free Reprint Articles For A Product Based Website
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Last time I shared some strategies with you about how to leverage your article submissions to draw readers to your website. I told you that the article should be used exclusively to teach the readers about your general niche, rather than to solicit sales.

It seems like the people who have the greatest challenges in writing non-promotional articles are people with product based websites. A product based website serves the exclusive purpose of selling things. It isn’t big on content–it is a bunch of sales pages basically.

On a really big scale, a site like is a product based website. Most likely you don’t have a site of that size. Most of you probably have just one or a few products that you sell through your site.

You may say, “Sure, a business coach can easily find things to write about–that’s a more general topic than what my site is about. My site is about one product–how in the world can I write articles that don’t reference my product?”

I can totally understand your frustration with that situation–I’m in that same situation myself, so I hope you’ll trust that I’m well-suited to give you advice on how to write free reprint articles for a product based website.

I’ve been writing on my general niche for years, and I don’t write about my own product in my articles. In this blog post I’ll teach you how to do that as well.

Identify Your General Niche

The key to writing articles for a product based website is figuring out what niche you’re in. I’ll use myself as an example–my website is for my product, the article submission service

My general niche is article marketing, so I write articles that are on that broader niche. For the types of topics that fall under that niche, just take a look at my articles on our article directory. I don’t write articles about Instead I write on the myriad of topics that fall under the general topic of “article marketing”.

What might your general niche be? It may help to see some examples:

  • If you own a site that sells chocolate, then your general niche is “chocolate” (that was an easy one!).
  • If your site sells camping gear, then your general niche is “camping”. You could even write about nature, mountain climbing, or hiking–those are topics related to camping.
  • If you’re a dentist, then your general niche is “oral healthcare”.
  • If your product is a special dog leash that helps a dog walk without pulling, then your general niche could be “dog care” or “dog obedience” or even “dogs”.
  • If your site sells a myriad of unrelated products (such as, then you might want to consider the different categories of products on your site (books, kitchen items, gardening tools, electronics, etc) and write articles for each category.

Beware Of Writing On A Topic Too Close To Your Product

One sub-topic under article marketing is “article submission services”. Technically I can write an article about how to find a great article submission service without mentioning I have tried to do that in the past once or twice, but to be honest, I find it very hard to write on a topic so close to my product without having it come out sounding promotional. I certainly wouldn’t be able write on that very specific topic on a regular basis.

I tell you this because the same is likely true of you as well. If you try to write on a topic that is too close to the product that you’re selling, you’re walking on ice. It’s super easy to make a slip up and end up writing a promotional piece rather than an educational article. My advice would be to step back from the very specific topic of your niche and write for the general niche instead.

Subtlety Is The Key

You may think that you’re skirting around the issue and not getting the job done as specifically as you need to. You may say, “I’m not trying to sell people on the benefits of walking their dogs–I’m trying to sell a specific dog leash!”

I get that, but let me assure you that you’re accomplishing a lot more with your online marketing if you learn how to write content that is not so specifically about your product. People are not interested in reading sales letters–they are looking for content that will solve a problem.

You may say, “But my product does solve a problem! Why can’t I just write about my product?”

The answer is that if you do, then your article will be declined at most quality publishers, which defeats the purpose of writing the article in the first place.

Here’s the big thing to remember: You make the connection between the problem that the reader has and your product in the resource box, not the article.

Lure People In With Your Article

You lure in people who are interested in the general niche (for example, people who have dogs), and you give them a good article teaching them how to do something on that topic. Then, in your resource box you tell them about your problem solving product and give a link to your website (for example, the dog leash that stops dogs from pulling when walking).

The non-sales oriented article breaks the ice with the potential customer without scaring them off–sales letters tend to scare people off. It builds trust between you and the reader–if you can provide information that solves problems in their general niche, then you can be trusted with other areas of need in that niche.

When marketing online, it’s absolutely essential to think of your marketing as building an ongoing relationship with your target market. It’s not a one shot deal like a door to door salesman. Rather think of yourself as being a trusted family friend who has specialized knowledge in your topic and who your readers will feel comfortable turning to when they need a product such as yours.

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