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Marketing With Articles: 5 Proofreading Tips That Produce High Quality Articles
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Marketing with articles is a very effective and cost efficient way to bring more targeted traffic to your website and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

I always say, “If you can write a letter to your old Aunt Mildred, you can write articles for article marketing.”

Writing quality articles requires effort though.

Marketing with articles entails writing high quality articles that are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Publishers will decline an article that looks to be thrown together, does not make sense, or otherwise is not up to their editorial standards.

Proofreading is essential!

Proofreading means that you are searching for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in your writing.

Here are 5 proofreading tips that will help you produce articles that publishers will love:

1 – Put your article away for a few days.

After you’ve written your first draft, your eyes are so used to looking at the words on the page that it’s very easy to miss glaring (and not so glaring) errors.

By that time you’ve likely read over your article several times, and when you’re reading something that is familiar to you, your mind has a tendency to automatically fill in what it expects to see, whether it is there or not.

The solution is to put the article away for a day or so, then look at it with fresh eyes. If you’ll give your mind a break from the article, you’ll find it much easier to proofread.

2 – Read your article out of sequence.

For example, read the last sentence first, then the second to last sentence, and so on.

Again, this is to help you overcome your familiarity with your article and see it objectively. If you read your article over and over from beginning to end, you will get to the point where you can almost recite it without looking at the page. Your mind will fill in what it expects to see, which is not helpful in proofreading!

Solution: Proofread your article backwards, starting with the last sentence and moving upwards. You are not reading for comprehension of your article (do that when you’re writing your first draft and after you’re done proofreading), but rather you are looking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

3 – Read your article out loud.

Hearing your article spoken out loud can be very effective at alerting you to errors. Sometimes when you are reading aloud, you’ll stop and say, “Whoa–that doesn’t sound right.”

Your ears can alert you to a grammar issue.

Try combining tips 2 and 3: Read your article out loud backwards.

4 – Team up with a friend who has excellent editing skills.

It can be hard to proofread your own articles. Maybe you don’t have the time to put your article aside for a few days, or maybe you are just not accustomed to scanning your writing for errors.

If you have an eagle-eyed friend who has excellent grammar skills, enlist his or her help!

5 – Using a spelling and grammar checker can help.

There is likely a spelling and grammar checker available on your word processing program. Use it!

Caution: Automatic checkers are better at highlighting spelling errors than grammar errors. Grammar checkers help, but they are not completely reliable. They do not take the place of proofreading your article or having a friend do the proofreading for you.

A few major things to look for when proofreading:

Please take a look at this resource for very common grammar errors:

9 Silly Grammar Mistakes That Can Get Your Article Declined


It is never a waste of time to proofread your articles.

What is a waste of time is writing an article, submitting it without proofreading it, and then having it declined by publishers. What’s the point of that?

Do the work on the front end, and your articles will be accepted more quickly. On top of that, you can feel secure that the content that is circulating around the Internet with your name on it is work that you can be proud of!

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9 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: 5 Proofreading Tips That Produce High Quality Articles”

  1. Pro says:

    Great tips. Thanks for the insight. Especially the one about speaking articles louder. I found these very useful, really.

  2. I pay close attention to your suggestions–I plan to use the Article Distribution system soon.

  3. Nice job on this article and giving great content. Not everyone has the gift of grammar but anyone can certainly learn how to expand that knowledge just like on any other topic. Thank you!

  4. Great tips, and essential for any serious marketing via article writing. In writing about Cape Town tourism , I make extensive use of voice recognition software, for articles related to to South Africa, and I have learned just how essential proofreading is if you want to succesfully submit articles.

  5. Ann S says:

    Very informative and true, thank you for the tips!

  6. Amy Matteson says:

    Thanks, we love your system!

  7. Gwen Tanner says:

    The tip about reading it out of order. I never thought of that one!! Thanks!

  8. Tom Cincurak says:

    Thanks for the tips just goes to show we never stop learning.

  9. Excellent post/article, it had a lot of new and older views for anyone to check on their post before hitting that publishing button. I’m guilty or use to be of not reading my post back to myself, until I found this same lesson or rather new approach to reading one’s post out load. It really does work. I have a mini series ready for publishing in the next two weeks and one part of it will be about on demand publishing, which is very interesting and very useful in this day & age. Great article, thanks once again.

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