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Mythbusting: Does Having The Same Free Reprint Article Published on Multiple Sites Hurt Your Website Ranking?
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Myth: When duplicate content is present, site owners suffer rankings and traffic losses, and search engines provide less relevant results.

Myth Debunked

While you should always ensure you have a varied link profile, it does not damage your SEO when you have lots of different sites publishing the same article.

It’s no different than press releases, where you would have the same press release on lots of different sites all linking back to your site.

There is a lot misinformation around relating to ‘duplicate content’, but the penalty only applies to a single website that publishes the same content multiple times – not to multiple websites publishing the same content.

Content syndication is at the root of how the web works (think of RSS).

If lots of sites are publishing the same content (eg. an article, press release, or whatever), which is very common, Google for example will tend to pick what they consider to be the ‘originator’ of that content to act as the primary source within their results. It doesn’t negatively affect the site being linked to (presuming the site in question has a generally varied and balanced link profile).

If it did (a) it would be very easy to wipe a competitor off the map; and (b) no company in their right mind would issue a press release linking back to their site, for example.

Unique articles => More link value

At, we do however provide ArticleLeverage (including text spinning) functionality to members, which allows each published version of an article to be in effect a different version of the same article and can allow more link value to come from a single article submission.

Content on your own site that’s available elsewhere obviously isn’t as valuable as completely unique content, and we advise members not to submit content for syndication that they have on their own website (it’s better to rewrite as a separate content piece and syndicate that).

Sites that have the same content on multiple pages of their site, eg. trying to pass it off as different content, are out of line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and may well have problems – but this is separate to and not relevant to article marketing.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have the same content in lots of different places pointing back to your own site – our own sites have thousands of such pages, for example.

Focus On Creating A Quality Experience For Your Reader

We advise members to focus on the quality of their own site, building a valuable experience for the visitor and ensuring it’s worthy of a top ranking, as well as encouraging natural backlinks to build up too. As website owners build up their content, it’s a natural process to convert some of that into free reprint articles and submit for syndication, as well as other methods to build up links to and awareness of the site online.

It’s also best to focus on the end reader for the articles, so article quality should always be paramount (and it’s important to be aware that spun articles, unless done carefully, are often at the expense of article quality).

Not only does creating a quality article mean wider publication, including non-article directory sites, but also it encourages great click-throughs direct from the articles themselves, which as a ‘warm lead’ represents valuable traffic. Google can also recognize low-grade content, and this can lead to minimal or even negative value for the resulting links.

Keywords: Helping Search Engines To Understand What Your Website Is About

And then of course it’s important to link back with a variety of keywords relating to your site, to different pages, and so on, so it’s more of a focus on helping search engines to understand what the site is about as a whole, rather than attempting to manipulate rankings more overtly. It’s a subtle difference but an important one for achieving high rankings over the long-term.

This is the general strategy we at follow and attempt to steer members in the direction of, and it tends to work well.

There are always a lot of variables at play (eg. age and history of site, content quality, backlink profile, onsite SEO, link relevancy etc.). As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s more of an art form than an exact science, and it’s notoriously difficult to run any meaningful tests with so many differing factors often at play.

But we base this overall strategy on several years of experience with thousands of customers all over the world and current practice. In fact, we have several professional SEOs using our services on behalf of their own long-term clients.

Article submissions are still one of the most effective tools for driving traffic to a website. The main things to keep in mind are building the quality of your website, creating valuable content both for your own site and for syndication purposes, and using your keywords appropriately in the article submissions.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

8 Responses to “Mythbusting: Does Having The Same Free Reprint Article Published on Multiple Sites Hurt Your Website Ranking?”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the article, and for clearing up that old myth about the duplicate content hurting your SEO – best explanation I’ve read of it yet, makes perfect sense now!

    Thanks again


  2. This information are very important for me. I am beginner and I made my first website in 2011 and I did not got the results I was expect.

  3. its great information you share with us, so important to understand and act on.

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  6. Francisco says:

    Is this still applicable with the new google update?


  7. Steve Shaw says:

    @Francisco: Hi Francisco,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, this post was written after the Panda and Penguin changes at Google. The information provided in this post is with those changes in mind.

    Here is some further info you may find helpful:

    Surviving Google’s Penguin Update

    Beginner Help With Internet Marketing

    MORE Internet Marketing Help For Newbies

  8. saifal says:

    Really great information which is exactly what I was looking for. You deserve a 5 star rating. Thanks

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