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New Feature Upgrade for! The Resource Box Manager
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We’re very excited to announce a new upgrade for

The Resource Box Manager facility is now available for members–this allows members to set named default resource boxes which they can easily pick from when entering new articles, and also to set the main default one which will be automatically pre-loaded each time they enter a new article.

What types of folks would use this feature?

The Resource Box Manager is useful for folks who:

  • Submit articles to drive traffic back to multiple sites.
  • Anyone who uses different resource boxes for different types of articles.

Using the Resource Box Manager should be pretty clear cut, but it always helps to see a tutorial with screen shots telling you how to do something new, so that’s on the way! I’ll get that for you in a bit. (Here is the tutorial for using the Resource Box Manager)

Just to give credit where credit is due :-) this suggestion came from one of our members–We value and learn from your input!

We have a few more new feature updates on the way, so stay tuned…

Oh, and if you aren’t a member of yet, and you’d like to submit articles through our service, you’re welcome to sign up here.

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  1. [...] Following the recent Resource Box Manager feature that we introduced to, we have now integrated it into ArticleLeverage™ so that our users can easily select from previous resource boxes and increase the efficiency and ease-of-use of using ArticleLeverage™. [...]

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