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New Feature Upgrades for!
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This week we've been super busy adding some new features to a few areas of that will make it even easier for you to submit your articles

New Feature #1: There is now an auto-save feature, so when you are entering or editing articles the system auto-saves your article every two minutes. Now that's helpful! (Update: We're still in the process of launching this feature, but it should be ready some time next week.)

New Feature #2: We've just put in place a new feature in Article Leverage that allows you to copy down your original text into the variation boxes, where you can then quickly edit them. If you'll recall, previously you would do a manual copy and paste, so this should speed things up a lot!

Just to let you know–Each of these new features was prompted by member suggestions. We value and learn from your input!

We have a few more new feature updates on the way, so stay tuned…

Oh, and if you aren't a member of yet, and you'd like to submit articles through our service, you're welcome to sign up here. :-)

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2 Responses to “New Feature Upgrades for!”

  1. Steve says:

    Just a quick update on auto-save – there’s been a ‘technical issue’ in relation to that, so we’re suspending that for now, but will put it back in place as soon as possible next week once we’ve resolved it.

    Why these things always happen last thing on a Friday beats me! …

    Steve Shaw

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Thanks Steve–yes, it seems like ‘technical issues’ prefer Friday afternoons! ;-)

    We’ll get it fixed though–looking forward to using it next week!

    Let me update the post to reflect that…

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