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Newbie Questions: How Can Article Submissions Help My Website Ranking?
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If you are a complete newbie to article marketing and have felt like you’re a zillion years behind the times and will never catch up with everything you need to know, this is the post for you.

I want to assure you that there are tons of people just like you who are just starting to investigate marketing with articles. As you do so, you will have lots of questions, and I encourage you to ask me. I’m happy to help!

The question below is from a real person, but it could just as well have been a question from any one of you. The first time he got in touch, I could tell that he was totally bewildered as to what article marketing was about and how it worked. I’ll let you see how I explained it to him, because I’m sure that there are many others who are just as confused:


I’m a web designer and I will probably have clients who want your service sooner or later. Â I’m unsure precisely how your content can increase my sites’ SEO rating. I’m sure they do, but I’d like to understand how. Does it work through us placing your RSS feed on our site and articles from your article directory are then published on our site?

How Does Article Marketing Help SEO?

Great question. What our article submitter service does (and what the object of article marketing is) is to help a website get a higher ranking in Google (and the other search engines) for certain phrases associated with the website through submitting articles. (This would be you submitting articles to market your website, rather than you putting free reprint articles on your website).

These phrases that you’re trying to get your website to rank highly for are called “keywords” or “keyword phrases”. These are the phrases that people who are potential customers of your service would be typing into Google in order to reach a site such as yours.

How do you know what phrases your potential customers are typing into Google?

You do keyword research, using a paid service such as WordTracker (or there are many other paid services) or the free one that Google offers. (At the end of my reply, I’ll give you a link to a tutorial on how to do keyword research using Google’s free keyword research tool).

For example, let’s just say that you were marketing a website for a wedding planner and that the wedding planner does business in Las Vegas. Let’s say you did keyword research and you found that some of your keywords were: wedding planner Las Vegas, Las Vegas wedding organizer, etc.

You would then write articles on the general topic of your keywords. The articles would not be about the location, but rather the overall topic of things that go into the planning of a wedding.

The Resource Box

Every article that you submit will have what is called a “resource box” submitted along with it. Usually the resource box will appear below the article, and it will supply biographical information about the author. The resource box is also the one place where you can supply a link to your website, and you can also create an “anchor text link”–a link that is formed by one of your keywords.

Article marketing works by helping Google understand what your site/page is about via the keyword linking, and thereby helping to boost rankings.

So, if one of your keyword phrases was “Las Vegas wedding planner”, then your goal would be for your website to show up in the #1 spot when someone types “Las Vegas wedding planner” into the search box at Google or any of the other search engines

You Get A Higher Website Ranking By Being A Writer, Rather Than A Publisher

From your question, I have the impression that you do want to get a better ranking for your website (which is what article marketing helps with), but that you were under the impression that it involved getting articles that other people have written and publishing them on your site.

Actually, that’s not the way you would do it–if you are trying to get a higher ranking for your site and more traffic, then you will be the one to write and submit articles, and other publishers will be putting your articles on their sites.

I hope this information is somewhat helpful. If what I’ve told you so far generates any other questions (as it probably does!) please don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to be a source of information for you on how to start using article marketing for your website(s).

Here is that keywords tutorial I promised you.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

4 Responses to “Newbie Questions: How Can Article Submissions Help My Website Ranking?”

  1. Adam says:

    This is excellent material Steve, I tell everyone about Submit Your Article and how it’s helped my business (as a country musician) to attract new fans and many more sales than ever before for my albums, Likes and Social gatherings… I’m an advocate :-)

  2. Steve, please do a case study whether article marketing still works or not. After these Panda and Penguin updates, I don’t think article marketing counts. And if you are looking for a no-PR, no-follow, non-contextual backlink to your site, you can get it from anywhere! I may be wrong, please enlighten me with a practical case study so that I can put my faith on article marketing again.

    - Ron.

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Adam: That’s great to hear, Adam. Thanks for chiming in!

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ron – SEO Copy-e-Writing Blog: Hi Ron,

    We wouldn’t continue to use article marketing ourselves if it didn’t continue to work, and we continue to maintain several page #1 listings for our own keywords, including #1 positions. Article marketing continues to be a solid part of any SEO strategy, as well as being effective in building up traffic from the articles themselves. The fact that customers continue to submit thousands of articles month after month through our service, including hundreds of long-standing customers, offers some indication as to its continuing effectiveness! There always will and always have been doubters, and luckily Penguin and Panda led a sharp decline in poor quality, spammy articles, which has left more room and made article marketing more effective for the rest of us.

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