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Writing Articles in a Series – Make Each Online Article Submission Stand on Its Own
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Sooner or later in your article writing career, you will probably get the idea in your head to write a series of articles.

Maybe this emerges out of having an idea for a topic that is too big to cover in just one article, or maybe you’ve thought of several related topics and you want to tie them all together.

Before you get too far in writing your article series, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Each article needs to be able to stand on it’s own.

How do you get each article to stand on its own?

  • Each article should not depend on or mention any other articles.
  • It’s best not to mention Part 1 or Part 2 in the title or the article body.
  • It’s also best not to say anything like, “As I was telling you in my last article…”or similar.

Go with the assumption that your reader will only be seeing this one article of yours and that they will not come into contact with any other articles in your series.

Why no Part 1 or Part 2, etc?

  • A publisher may just want to publish one of your articles.
  • A publisher may have a guideline that does not allow articles to say “Part 1,” Part 2″, etc.
  • A reader may run across just one of your articles.
  • Writing for article marketing is not like writing for your own blog. If you publish a series on your blog, then most of the time the posts will be one after the other and easy to find. With articles though, you don’t know where the article is going to be showing up, or which articles the publisher will pick up. Also, ezine editors will not necessarily want to publish your articles several weeks in a row. Maybe they’re just interested in one or two of your articles for their audience and not the rest. Putting “Part 1″, “Part 2″ etc makes it hard to pick and choose the best topics for their audience.
  • It can be confusing to a reader to see “Part 3″, etc. He thinks, “I missed parts one and two–maybe this one won’t make sense to me. I might as well skip it.”
  • You limit your audience and the effectiveness of your articles–the only people who will feel like they aren’t missing out on anything are the ones that happen to see all the parts of your articles. Readers will not usually search for all the parts of an article series.
  • It makes the article look incomplete.

Why would anyone want to write an article series then?

Mainly, the benefit is for the author. If you have a series in mind to write, it gets your momentum going and you can usually write faster and more easily.

You can also make good use out of an article series, turning it into an e-book that you can then offer on your website or as an incentive to sign up to your email list. There are definite perks for an author for writing several articles on a related subject.

One misconception that I hear sometimes from authors is that they think that writing several articles that are “attached” to each other (they aren’t really attached in any way, other than to say Part 1, Part 2 , etc) ropes readers into reading more of your articles. As if to say, if a reader finds part 3 and likes it, then he will go and search for parts 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Unfortunately this is not usually the case. Even with a stand alone article, it is a challenge to capture the attention of a reader for the duration of the article, much less inspire the reader to do the extra work of searching the internet for your other articles on this series.

It’s fine to write an article series, but the best bet when appealing to publishers and readers is to make each article stand on its own and not mention any other articles.

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