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Need a New Online Article Submission Title Template? Use this one!
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Coming up with a fresh, effective, attention grabbing title can be a bit of a brainteaser, especially if you have written a million or so online article submissions and feel like you have exhausted your creativity on your topic!

Are you tired of writing “How To” articles and “Top 5″ lists?

Sometimes what you really need is for someone else to set some boundaries around your article topic. I’m happy to do that for you in the form of some title templates.

Here’s a title template that will help you create a fresh sounding title and also may inspire some article topics.

I call it the “question + forceful command” title.

It’s very simple. Just start your title with a question and end it with a command that solves the problem.

For example:

Too Much Paperwork? Organize Your Clutter!

Need to Save Money on your Grocery Bill? Use This Coupon Cutting Strategy!

Want to Look 10 Years Younger? Try These 5 Youthful Hairstyles!

Or even the title of this post…You get the idea!

Other inspiring title template ideas…

While we’re at it, let’s throw in some title templates that are “oldies but goodies”.

1) The title that solves a problem (or conveys a benefit)

How To Give Your Child A Haircut

2) Even more powerful–a title that conveys a double benefit:

How to Win Friends and Influence People

3) The Question title.

Does Calorie Counting Work?

4) The personalized title (using “you” in the title).

You Can Give Your Kitchen A New Look For Free!

Your Baby Can Learn To Read!

5) The command title.

Stop Using Store Bought Baby Food!


Are you stuck in a rut with your titles? I know, we all go a bit brain dead sometimes, and our titles get boring even to us!

There are 6 title template suggestions listed in this article. This month, try to use each of these suggestions to inspire an article title. Create the title first, then write the article to fulfill the title.

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7 Responses to “Need a New Online Article Submission Title Template? Use this one!”

  1. Karleen says:

    Thanks for the template ideas! They will really help!

  2. Bob Hilke says:

    Thanks for these suggestions – they are great ideas!

  3. Really good title suggestions here! Thank you.

  4. Jesus Moreno says:

    Although I really am not an article writer, I wish, find this post very illustrative because those kind of titles can be useful also for any other ad that we submit on the internet advertising services. I like them all and give you my all my thanks.
    Jesus Moreno

  5. Janina says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this – it’s easy to “go stale” with the same old headlines. You’ve given us some good ones to inspire creativity and better reader engagement.

    Sometimes what I do is search for “top 100 most popular headlines” or “copywriting best headlines” – something similar to this for a bit of instant inspiration.

    Thanks and all the best!


  6. sam says:

    I was searching for a cool title template and learned from your tips to make my template so professional. It was a great help.

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