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Are My Online Article Submissions In Competition With Each Other In Google?
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Here’s a question I received from a reader recently:

I have read several people’s points of view on: if I submit an article that is then published multiple times, does it end up competing with itself for SE (search engine) ranking? Is there a duplicate content issue here? Whether I spin an article or not, each version ends up being out in cyber-space multiple times (if it’s a good article!). Your viewpoint?

Thanks for your question. I’d say it doesn’t really matter, if you’re targeting a specific article for a long tail keyword phrase. As long as one of the articles from somewhere shows up for that search, then that’s fine.

If you are using my article submitter and you employ the ArticleLeverage tool to vary each version of the article going out, then it’s possible more articles (i.e. versions of the same article) are going to show up for the same search, as well as show up across a broader range of searches, simply because the words in each version of the article will differ.

In ‘spinning’ the article, every time we distribute that article, it will be a different version going out, and it’s unlikely that each version will then appear multiple times, but could certainly appear more than once with other publishers picking up the article from article directories we submit to for further publication.

Some background info:

When using keywords in your article submissions, the goal is to target long tail keyword phrases (usually phrases 4+ words long) for your article topics.

The idea with the long tail keyword phrases is to get the article ranking highly when someone does a search for that keyword term. Since long tail keyword terms have much less competition, then it is easier to get an article to rank highly for that term.

Your main keywords (usually 2 words long) are the keywords for which you want your website to rank highly in Google. Those main keyword terms are much more competitive, and they should be targeted in your HTML resource box.

So, you do not need to worry about your articles ‘competing’ with each other in search engine rankings. The only times you would be expecting your articles to show up in search engine rankings would be when you are targeting specific long tail keyword terms in your articles.

If that is the case, your mission is accomplished if you have at least one article show up in the rankings when someone does a search for that long tail keyword term.

But let’s say you have created variations for your articles, and you have several articles showing up in Google’s results lists when someone searches for that term–that is a good thing!

One result on the front page will do the job, but it would be an extra perk if you had more than one article variation showing up on the first page of Google for a particular long tail keyword phrase.

Hope that answers the question.

Here is a resource that may be helpful to you:

Marketing With Articles: Are Keywords That Important?

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2 Responses to “Are My Online Article Submissions In Competition With Each Other In Google?”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Steve,

    This may be a bit unrelated but it’s about seo and article leverage. I article leverage most of my articles. I understand how different variations end up on different article sharing sites and are more likely to rank high in a search. My question…does the article leveraging impact my backlinks? If I sent out one article through your system that wasn’t leveraged vs. sending out one that was leveraged…does the leveraged one have the ability to do better at backlinking because of the lack of duplicate content spread across the web. Eg: If I send a leveraged article out and it shows up as 100 different variations, do the search engines like this better than the same article on 100 different sites?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Chris,

    Yes, ArticleLeverage is designed to do exactly that, i.e. each link is likely to count higher because it’s coming from content that’s different to content found on other sites. So ArticleLeverage gives you potentially far more linking power.

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