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Don’t Sell: ENGAGE Your Customers Through Your Online Article Submissions
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Everyone who has a product or service has to get past the mental hurdle of learning to engage rather than trying to sell through their article submissions. Today we’re going to talk about the purpose of your articles and how to implicitly sell to your visitors via your articles in a very subtle way.

When you’re writing articles, your goal is NOT to explicitly sell anything to your readers through the article, where the article body acts as a sales letter for your business.

The purpose of your online article submissions is as follows:

  • To provide valuable information to your readers
  • To build a relationship with and engage your readers
  • To built trust, credibility and respect
  • To build links to your site

You can, however, implicitly sell to your readers in a very subtle way, for example:

  • Demonstrating your expertise and knowledge
  • Teaching your readers how to solve problems related to your niche

Why shouldn’t you try to sell your business through your articles?

Well, for one thing, your articles will get declined on the publisher level, because most publishers automatically screen out articles that come across as promotional.

Additionally, when you create an obvious sales piece, the visitor’s natural sales defenses will go up, and you will have lost many of the advantages you would have otherwise gained. For example, you are unlikely to get links to a sales piece. Also, website owners looking for content for their sites will not likely be attracted to an article that tries to promote your business.

Generally, I find the best approach for online article creation is as follows:

  • Reserve any sales pitches for your resource box. Don’t devote your resource box entirely to selling though–be sure to include some bio information about yourself too.
  • When creating your content, focus on trying to give to the visitor–educate, encourage, and possibly entertain. Free reprint articles are called “educational articles” for a reason!
  • Give the reader a reason to click the link in your resource box. Your goal is to draw the reader from the resource box to your website, and you need to offer some incentive for the reader to do that.
  • On your website, encourage them to sign up to your email list where you can repeatedly follow up with them, present more sales-oriented materials, and encourage them to return and eventually purchase from you.

For some old school sales oriented business owners, this is a hard pill to swallow. You think, “If I’m not selling my business/products in my article, how can I get any benefit? What is my payoff?”

It helps to remember the following:

Your greatest benefit from article marketing will be an elevated search engine ranking for your keyword terms, rather than any sales through the articles themselves.

Do you want this?

It’s great when people read your article, click through to your website, and then decide to become your customers, but that is really just icing on the cake.

Your big payday comes when your website ranks highly in search engines for your keyword terms.

Traffic that you get from articles and traffic that you can get from Google is sort of like comparing your bathroom faucet to Niagra Falls.

There is no comparison.

Or are you settling for this?

As a business and website owner, you want Niagra Falls.

A big contributing factor to a higher search engine ranking is the number and quality of links going to your website. These links can be built via article marketing. In order to get the link though, you need to produce an article that publishers want to publish.

Have I convinced you yet?

Don’t try to sell anything in your articles. Be very careful about that. Instead, engage your customers, teach them, help them with common problems, and leave any selling for your resource box.

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Niagra Falls by Smulan77

Faucet by Joe Shlabotnik

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2 Responses to “Don’t Sell: ENGAGE Your Customers Through Your Online Article Submissions”

  1. Ramachandran says:

    Nice article. Interesting and informative.

  2. Steve Duval says:

    Hi Steve

    You have hit the nail on the head, if when writing you do not take your time and do a little research for for article, then the chances are not many people will read it.

    Layout is one of the most important things, get it right and people will enjoy reading, get it wrong and you will have no one reading your article.

    Top post Steve

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