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Please Share Your Article Marketing Story at Our Squidoo Lens!
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You can read my article marketing story at our all-new article marketing 'Squidoo lens', and I invite you to chime in and share your own story too:

The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing

Then at the bottom of the lens you can find out how to add your own story. Don't know what a Squidoo lens is? Visit and you'll see one in action!

The lens is focused on providing expert guidance on article marketing. It'll be updated regularly, and we hope you'll find it useful.

So do the following now:

1. Visit our brand spankin' new Squidoo lens: The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing

2. Add your own story at the bottom.

3. Rate it! (We think it's top notch, but you decide…)

4. Let us know your feedback and/or suggestions, we'd love to hear!

5. Share it with your friends – if you know anyone who's looking into article marketing, or who are already doing it, they'll find this invaluable, so do them a good turn and let them know about this lens.

Read it, and let us know your thoughts!

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