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SubmitYourArticle.com Purges Low Quality Article Directories … And Puts You In Control

Posted By Steve Shaw On March 19, 2014 @ 3:21 pm In Article Marketing Tips | No Comments

Go back two or three years, and all anyone seemed interested in was quantity.

Get your articles on to as many article directories as possible. Get as many links out there as possible. Don’t worry about the quality.

Talking of quality, who cares about the quality of the content you’re sending out? It’s all about the links, links, links …

Now only the ill-informed still pursue those goals …

So what’s changed?

It’s no longer about the quantity … it’s about the quality

Many poor quality, cookie-cutter article directories have simply disappeared. Google purged them from their listings, traffic dried up, they gave up and went home.

That’s a good thing … there’s no actual benefit in having your links on spammy sites with zero PageRank that nobody visits anyway. It ends up making you look like a spammer … and who wants that for their business?

It’s now far more important to get your content onto established, well-managed article directories that get traffic (in some cases, a lot of traffic), where your articles are actually read, where your links are actually seen and clicked through on, and where publishers might find your content and publish elsewhere.

After all, that’s exactly how you’re going to raise the online visibility of your business … and article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to do that.

With that in mind, SubmitYourArticle.com has now made some key changes in how we operate.


We’ve purged low quality article directories from our network …

Whereas we used to submit to 300+ article directories, we now have a central core of 40+ well-established PR1+ (up to PR7) article directories.

And it’s fully transparent too – see exactly which sites we submit to here [1] or as listed in your SubmitYourArticle.com account [2].


… And you get full control

To give our members full control over their own article marketing campaigns, we’ve introduced a number of new features as follows.

Choose Minimum PageRank

You can now choose the minimum PageRank of article directories where you want us to submit your article.

For example, if you only want your articles submitted to article directories of PR3 and above, you can tell us that when you submit your article to us, and we’ll then only submit your article if the site is PR3 or more.

To ensure we’re always using the latest data, we update the PageRank of all the article directories automatically every month.


Choose Which Sites To Submit To

You can now see the exact list of article directories we submit your articles to, and choose which sites you do – or don’t – want to submit to.

If you don’t want to submit to a particular article directory, you can simply turn off submissions to that site. You can turn it on or off at any time, with immediate effect. You’re put in full control.


Use Individual Logins

Wherever possible, and for the majority of sites, you have your own individual login for each article directory we submit to.

The only exceptions are (a) where you don’t need to login to submit; and (b) where it’s not possible to create a new user or login (we submit to some sites via a special arrangement or an existing login).

This means if you need any changes to your articles in future, you’ll be able to simply login and edit the articles as required.

It would obviously take quite some time to register with 40+ article directories … so we’ve also introduced the ability to register automatically [3]*. All you do is enter the email you want to use to register, click a button, and then watch progress as we register you with the different article directories.

In contrast to potentially taking at least a couple hours to try to register with all the sites manually -Â time I’m sure you could spend much more valuably! - our automated registration process only takes a couple of minutes or so, and you’ll see a full progress report once we’re done with all your logins saved to your account automatically.

Need more than one pen name? You can simply repeat the process for each and every pen name you add to your account.

* There’s only one site where it’s proved technically impossible to register you automatically, but it will only take a couple minutes to register with them manually


Choose Your Distribution Channels

Finally, again putting you in full control, you can choose which distribution channels you want to submit to – article directories, blogs, email publishers, or any combination.

For example, if you don’t want to submit content to our blog network for whatever reason, you can turn that option off when you submit your article. You can even choose for us to remember your choice so you don’t have to keep entering the same info.


More Information

More information about all the ways in which SubmitYourArticle.com can help you raise the online visibility of your business can be found on our main website – just click here [4]. Any questions? Just contact us [5] or leave a comment below.

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