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Questions About Your Writing Process…
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You might not know this, but all of the topics on this blog come from interactions with readers and clients who are knee deep in the article marketing trenches.

Okay, so some aren’t actually “knee deep”–some are just dipping a pinky toe into the waters to test things out. But my point is that all of the posts here come from reader and client questions or conversations.

I really rely on and value the questions you ask, your comments on what you’re interested in, and what you reveal to be your biggest challenges in learning how to do article marketing.

If you could please answer one or all of the following questions, I’d be grateful:

1 – What is your biggest challenge with article marketing?

2 – If you could pick one aspect of submitting articles that you could learn to do better, what would it be (for example, writing titles, using keywords in articles, resource boxes, writing topics, writing style, etc)?

3 – What is your writing process? Do you tend to write articles over the course of a few writing sessions, or do you write a complete article in one sitting? Do you use a writing warm-up or any special ritual that helps you to relax? If so, what is your writing ritual?

Thank you very much for your input!

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2 Responses to “Questions About Your Writing Process…”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have to confess that I didn`t realise how much you relied on your readers` comments! That sentence almost answers question 1.

    My biggest challenge is coming up with the continual stream of ideas to write about!!! When I read your articles suggesting topics, my brain cell goes into overdrive with a rush of ideas. Then I sit in front of the computer & I end up staring at a blank screen!!

    What aspect of article writing would I like to improve? The simple answer to that is where is the best place to submit it? I know you have a fantastic service for this Steve but, at the moment, it is totally out of the question because of money! You hear so many suggestions on this subject that it just becomes very confusing. Some people say submit to Ezine Articles first – some are now saying don`t touch EA at all. Then, of course, you can`t submit the same article to more than 1 directory because of duplicate content!

    My writing process is very simple – as & when! I do my upmost to take full advantage of my rare moments of inspiration to put finger to keyboard.

    Steve, I`ve just realised that this answer of mine is an article in itself!!

    Also, what are your views on video marketing. Head & houlder video discussing the subject?


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick: Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for sharing your challenges–you’re definitely not alone there, especially when it comes to thinking up article topics!

    If you can only submit to one directory, I would submit to, although there are many others that are good too, like GoArticles,, etc.

    You had asked about video marketing–Video marketing is another excellent traffic building strategy, and a natural follow on from article marketing (eg. articles written can easily form the basis of videos). It’s something we’ve experimented with a bit over the past few months, and will be doing more in earnest during 2012, including ‘head and shoulder’ type presentation.

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