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Marketing With Articles: 7 Quirky Things That Article Marketers Do
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Do you do any of these 7 quirky things?

After you’ve been writing articles for a while, you may notice yourself doing some quirky things. I was just writing today, and it started hitting me about how weird some of these are.

Does anyone else do these things?

1 – Have you ever eliminated or added an item to a list article so that you could put the numbers 5, 7, or 10 in your title?

I do this all the time, automatically. If I’ve got 11 excellent tips, I eliminate one of them for the sake of being able to call the article a Top 10.

I just can’t bring myself to make a “Top 8″ list or a “Top 6″.

“Top 10″ or “Top 5″ or “Top 7″ sounds so much better!

Maybe one day I should write an article comprised of a bunch of these poor discarded “tips” that didn’t make the cut.

2 – Do you ever play “writing games” to amuse and motivate yourself?

I do this almost unconsciously. Some weeks when I have been procrastinating and am feeling like I’m behind in my writing, I’ll issue myself a crazy challenge, like “Write 8 articles today–just do it.”

Or I’ll say to myself: “You just put the pizza in the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes. See how much of an article you can write in that time.”

You know, if you’ve been article marketing for any length of time, you know that we write a lot. Sometimes playing little mental games lights a spark and keeps a person from getting bored.

3 – Do you ever make notes of writing ideas, and then when you look back at them you are not sure what you were thinking?

I have learned that unless I write a few introductory sentences down while my brain is in “the flow” of that article idea, I can loose it as fast as I found it.

4 – Do you have articles that are perpetually in “draft” mode–you never quite finish them?

I have about 115 drafts of articles (some of them just titles), and from time to time when I’m searching for article ideas I browse back over them. Some of them are good topics, but they just haven’t struck a cord with me creatively yet, so I pass them by (again and again and again).

5 – Do you ever offer yourself a “reward” for writing on days when you don’t feel like it?

I do this quite often, now that I think about it. If it’s a writing day, and I am tempted to procrastinate, I tell myself  “If you will just write 2 articles, then I give you permission to take off early today”. Or get an ice cream cone. Or go to the store. Sometimes my reward is just leaving the house. Yes, I’m easy to please :) .

6 – Do you ever re-read your article after it is published on a directory?

Sometimes I do this, and I don’t know why. After all, I have already read the article before–many times!

I know what it says, but whenever I see one of my articles published somewhere, I get a little thrill out of reading it as if I were seeing it for the first time.

Obsessive-compulsive, perhaps? More likely I’m just being sentimental. (I have a fondness for the article.)

Which leads nicely into our last quirk…

7 – Do you play favourites with your articles?

Regularly I will go to my article list on our article directory, and I will look at the views just for the fun of it.

Now, as we’ve discussed on this blog before, views on a single article directory don’t account for anything–that is not what you’re going for. Still, the information is interesting.

When I look at my list, I like to see how my “favourite” articles are doing. It may sound strange, but I do have a special fondness for certain articles that I’ve written, and I like to see if others are taking notice of them as well.

What about you–any other weirdos in the house?

Or have you noticed something else odd that you routinely do in the article creation process?

Please, share your strangeness with us.

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5 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: 7 Quirky Things That Article Marketers Do”

  1. LOL, Steve! Good one!

    I do some of the same things.

    And yes, I do reread my favorite articles (and other writing).

    I have a little wrinkle on the 5-7-10 articles thing.

    I actually don’t necessarily stick to these numbers, though I might with “top” articles.

    But I like some of the irregular numbers too, so I may have articles with 11 tips, and even 4 things to do.

    Sometimes, I cut things off when I reach the word limit, or rather have achieved the minimum number of words I was aiming for (especially when cranking them out for EZA’s HAHD contests).

    But yes, a lot of my articles do have five or seven tips…


  2. Maybe I’m strange (well, yeah, now for something we didn’t already know), but writing articles IS my reward.

    My aim is to be able to stop doing client work — and underpinning that is articles to drive the traffic to buy the products to make me client-independent.

    So for me, every article I write (and I like to write) is a step closer to heaven…


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  4. Ya steve I think every writer whose articles published used to read their article. Because article writer have a sprite to read whatever it is.

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