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Reader Question: How Can I Tell If My Target Market Is Reading My Articles?
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That's a great question, and there are a few things to take into consideration if you're wondering if you're reaching your target market with your articles.

First off, every article that you write should be on the topic of your website.

I've seen some folks have a website on one topic, and then write articles on a totally different topic.

Don't do that! For every article that you write, the topic should be on some aspect of the website that you're trying to drive traffic to. The article is the way you hook a a targeted reader's attention, and then the article transitions into the resource box where you take your momentum from the article and direct it toward your website. 

Also, for every article that you write, you will choose an appropriate category to reflect your topic.

If you're submitting articles through, your articles are only sent to publishers who have requested articles in that category, so the category also helps to be sure that your article is being published on website's where other articles of that topic are published also. This is another good reason why you should write articles on the topic of your website.

If you consistently write quality articles about the topic of your website, folks who are reading your articles will be targeted because they have an interest in your article–they are self-selected.

Also, article marketing helps your search engine ranking, so when a potential customer does a search for your keywords and sees your website listed, that is targeted traffic, not just random visitors.  

You can get an indication of how widely and where your article is published by searching for the article title, in quotes, in Google, but it won't paint the whole picture as Google won't have every occurrence in their index, and it also changes over time. For example, an article you distribute now, could get found by a publisher in a year's time and published somewhere else then.

There is not a way that you can statistically measure exactly who is looking at your article and tell for sure if they are in your target market, but you'll go a long way towards attracting targeted readers by writing articles on the topic of your website.

It makes sense that someone who would find your article interesting and would take the trouble to click through to your website would have an interest in the topic of your website as well.

So, can I tell how many views my article has?

Article marketing is a fairly inexact science, and you can't tell for example how many views your articles have had online overall, but many article directories like EzineArticles and IdeaMarketers, and our own at, tell you how many times your article has been viewed.

Once you've submitted quite a few, you'll get a feel for the type of articles and article titles that seem to get the most response, and this allows you to gradually improve your article writing over time.

Also, you may write five articles that didn't seem to do much (although over the long-term, they will), but your sixth could get picked up by a major ezine, put in front of 100,000 subscribers, and bring in thousands of dollars worth of business and repeat business – this sort of thing happens to our clients all the time, and it's important to focus on the larger picture of all your articles out there as a whole rather than get too hung up on stats and results from individual articles.

In a way, it's a little like writing a blog. A single post isn't going to bring the world crashing in on your site, but if you're consistent, the overall compound effect becomes increasingly significant, and the odd post you write will suddenly generate a lot of interest and buzz, and can lead to other opportunities you didn't dream of before, such as a media interview that suddenly makes your blog/site a whole lot more visible online and provides additional marketing opportunities and credibility.

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4 Responses to “Reader Question: How Can I Tell If My Target Market Is Reading My Articles?”

  1. This is very educational for me, for I never thought article marketing played such a large part in getting traffic to yoyr website and never knew you can benefit from it years from now, WOW!, but isn’t this true only if people maintains your resource box with the article?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Vernon,

    Yes, there are lots of folks who use article marketing as the main marketing strategy for their website, and the results are long lasting and tend to increase over time.

    Whenever you submit an article, you will attach a resource box that includes a little bio info and a link back to your site. A publisher is required to include your resource box in exchange for publishing your article on their site.

    Yes, the publisher is supposed to publish both the article in full and the resource box in full exactly as it was submitted to them. If we ever learn about one of the publishers on our list not including a resource box, that publisher is immediately removed from our list, but this is a rare occurrence. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time that it happened. The vast majority of publishers are legitimate and are willing to play by the rules.

    Vernon, on the internet it is practically impossible to prevent renegade websites from stealing content (and I would count someone leaving off the resource box as stealing content)–this is true whether you submit articles through a service such as ours, or simply publish them on your own website.

    I think such occurrences are unusual though, and the benefits that your website receives from an online article campaign vastly outweigh any potential taking of content.

    I hope this helps. If you need anything else, just let me know. :-)

  3. The compound effect is huge. The more content your generate specifically focused on your target market, the better. It all adds up over time and will help you dominate your niche.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi PTM,

    Yes, exactly!

    Thanks for chiming in :-)

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