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Reader Question: How Should I Write Articles For Keywords?
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keywords-article-submissionI had this question come in recently, and I thought it was worth sharing on the blog.


For SEO purpose, do you suggest we write one article per keyword, or are we able to write multiple articles per keyword with the same effectiveness?


When you you want to write articles targeting specific keywords, I would use this model:

1) Do your keyword research before you start writing articles.

2) Then just cycle through your keyword list, focusing an article on one keyword phrase at a time until you go through your list.

3) Then start again at the beginning, and go through the list again (and again, and again…)

4) Be sure to update your keyword list every so often, because that information changes.

This approach is a good way to dominate your niche on the search engines, and ultimately, the more content you have out there for specific keywords, the more likely it is that at least one of your content pieces are going to show up for those searches.

I hope that helps!

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7 Responses to “Reader Question: How Should I Write Articles For Keywords?”

  1. Thor Holt says:

    Ah ha, this seems so simple now I read it! Thanks Steve (And willie Crawford who wrote something similar!)

  2. Good piece of advise no doubt…but we can also write articles with two or more anchor texts or keywords as well once every keyword has been written article on.

  3. Hi, I am not sure I follow here on the answer. It sounds like we should use as many keywords as we find in 1 article.

  4. SEGUN says:

    Thanks for the piece of advice. I will put them into practice.


  5. That would surely be of help!

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    Increase online traffic

    For each article use one keyword term. Do not try to use all of your keywords in one article.

  7. every time I read your articles I’m always finding out how important each topic is, thanks

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