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What’s the deal with that “Bookmark” icon I see below my articles?
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 Ahh, so you've noticed that when you look at your articles on our article directory that there is a cute little icon that says "Bookmark" on it. (You can actually see what the bookmarking icon looks like right here, because there is one beneath this post.)

This icon is referring to social bookmarking, but what is that anyway? Great question! 

Let's forget about the internet for a second–if you are reading a book and you want to stop, what do you do? You look for something (a piece of paper, a ribbon, or maybe a bona fide official bookmark that you bought at the store) to mark your place. You insert a bookmark to mark your place so you know where to start reading again.  

Then the internet was invented, and you found yourself looking at lots of content on the web rather than just in books. Some of the web pages you saw you just glanced at and passed on by, but other pieces made you say, "Hold on–this is great! I want to remember where this is for later."

Suddenly you needed a way to do an internet bookmark so that you could find a particular web page. Back in the day, you bookmarked your favorite web pages by adding them to your Favorites or Bookmarks on your computer. 

Well, after a while your list of Favorites started to grow and grow and become unwieldy and hard to organize, and sometimes it was a pain because when you worked on another computer your bookmarks didn't travel with you. 

Then as the internet became more social, more into sharing and interacting, something really cool developed–social bookmarks.

You may be wondering, "How in the world can a bookmark be social? It's just a way to mark a page."  

Well, in the same way that an old fashioned paper bookmark marks your place in the book you're reading, so does a social bookmark mark a web page that you really like.

The big differences between social bookmarking and bookmarking something on your computer by adding it to your Favorites, is that:

  1. Social bookmarks travel with you–you can access them from any computer you work on because they are completely online.
  2. Social bookmarks are easy to categorize and organize, which makes it easy to find stuff.
  3. Social bookmarks are easy to share. Your bookmarks are available for anyone to see (and you can see anyone else's too), so if you're really into Sports, and you've tagged a number of your bookmarks as "Sports", other sports enthusiasts can look for entries under the tag of "Sports" and see your entries. They may find your list of favorite sites helpful and want to share with their friends. Or, you may find someone else's bookmarked pages very helpful and exactly the type of stuff you like to read. It goes both ways–that's the social part of bookmarking.
  4. Social bookmarking allows readers to vote for your content. Once an article (or other web content) is added to a social bookmarking site, many sites will let readers say, "Yeah, I took a look at that and I agree–it's a great article!"

Well, so why is that cute "Bookmark" icon underneath your article on our directory?

It's there so that readers can easily bookmark your article. Instead of having to go to Reddit or Digg (or whatever their favorite bookmarking site is), type in your title, copy and paste your URL, etc…all a reader has to do is click the button that says "Bookmark", which leads them to a page where they can choose their favorite bookmarking site.

After they've chosen the site they want to bookmark your article at, they are taken to that site and your article title and URL are all filled in for them.

Ta-da! Presto, you've just made it super easy for someone to bookmark and share your fabulous article!

And sharing is a good thing–the more people who share your article, the more exposure it gets. The more exposure your article gets, the more people will read your resource box and click through to your website. Sharing is definitely a good thing!

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2 Responses to “What’s the deal with that “Bookmark” icon I see below my articles?”

  1. pam says:

    how can I add a bookmark to my artical Thanks for the great info

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Pam,

    You’re very welcome. If you’re using our service, then the bookmarking facility is automatically included along with your article at our own article directory.

    If you’re submitting manually to article directories, then it would be the article directory itself that would need to have the bookmarking icon on their directory (it is not something that you add).

    I hope this helps. :-)

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