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Reader Survey: Do you have a process for writing articles?
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Over the years I’ve developed a process that I use whenever I write an article (most times anyway). It’s not the definitive way to write an article or anything, but it’s just the way that I’ve worked out for myself after having written so many articles.

When I first started marketing with articles, I had no process, and it would take me days to get a first draft together. Â I was just rather scattered and unsure what I was supposed to be doing, and I also felt some pressure because I wanted to make an article that people would want to publish.

But, I stuck with it and became more comfortable with writing the more articles I got under my belt.

I was wondering, what is your experience with writing articles? Do you have a process? If so, what is it?

I’ll share my own way of writing articles next time, but until then I’m curious to see how everyone’s methods compare.

There is no one way to write an article–there are as many different ways as there are people in the world. But it may be helpful to see what other people do. We can always take bits and pieces from other people’s methods to help us refine our own.

So, what article writing method have you come up with (if any)?

I look forward to reading your answers in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Reader Survey: Do you have a process for writing articles?”

  1. The tip about writing the intro paragraph last is a brilliant one. It’s common sense but I have wasted many minutes with writers block trying to formulate the opening sentences as I somehow feel it must be done in this order! It usually starts to flow more after the opener. I will be writing it the other way around from now on. A very good piece of advice, thanks.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Penny Crowther: Hi Penny,

    You’re very welcome. I learned this the hard way too, after getting hung up on the intro. Glad this helped!

  3. Jo Travers says:

    I always write a mind map (or spider diagram) and gradually each ‘leg’ becomes a paragraph. It’s essentially writing bullet points for each paragraph which you can then reorder and make sense of by writing the points in to sentences.

    This was taught to me in college and I have never forgotten it!

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