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Reader Survey: What Do YOU Think Makes A Great Article?
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What makes a great article?We can get so used to thinking about creating content from the author’s perspective that we forget how readers feel when they are looking at our articles. For a moment, I’d like you to forget about writing articles and just think about how you feel when you’re reading them.

Questions for you:

  • In your opinion, what makes a great article?
  • What makes you want to share an article (or other piece of content) that you read online with others (via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc)?
  • When you’re looking at a list of articles in a directory or on search results pages, what makes you choose to read one article over the others?

I’m hoping to use the information that you provide in creating some future posts on how to write great articles, so I appreciate your sharing!

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8 Responses to “Reader Survey: What Do YOU Think Makes A Great Article?”

  1. sarah brown says:

    A great article includes thought provoking examples or analogies that make it memorable and make you want to share its insights

  2. I like and share articles that give me important advice that I AND POSSIBLY OTHERS CAN USE to improve my effectiveness (especially but not exclusively as a manager) or my health or my enjoyment of life.

  3. Nancy says:

    I read a lot of articles. I usually save the great ones. What makes an article great in my estimation is that it expresses an important truth or valuable information clearly and concisely that impacts on my universe because I’d not realized or discovered the idea before. I’d never opened that door myself and it empowered me when I did. And I want to remember the data and read it again in future. The article is clearly and simply written without unnecessary verbiage.
    I want to share it and do so because I feel like you need to know this.
    If I were choosing from a number of articles the criteria would be a) I know and love the writer, his ideas and who he is, b) The title impacts because it clearly pertains to an area of interest to me and c) If it’s a new author to me, I find something in his character or beingness that makes me want to learn more about him, who he is and what his ideas are. I like the person because of something special he seems to radiate.

  4. Deez says:

    A great article is one having a catchy title, a convincing opening paragraph, a good content found in the body of the article and one that ends with strong recommendations for the readers to take positive actions.

  5. A great article to me is one that gives me the information I was looking for. Also, it’s easy to read and not too long. Depending on the topic, of course, I don’t like articles that are too technical. If it’s a more personal subject I want to feel the writers emotions. I want to be able to relate to what their feeling.

  6. Tatevik Mkhitaryan says:

    Dear Steve,

    I deem that the article title and content are in the first place for making a good article.

    Tatevik Mkhitaryan

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