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Resource Box Rehab: The Series Wrap-Up
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We did a “Resource Box Rehab Lab” where people submitted their resource boxes so that I could brainstorm ways how to improve their author bio. We had a great turn out, and from the entries I picked out several resource boxes that were representative of common problems, and then in several posts on this blog I did a “makeover” on those chosen resource boxes.

It was very fun and a great teaching opportunity. I think we pretty much covered all of the different pitfalls that authors fall into when creating their resource boxes–please look through the list of links below and read those tutorials. By following the instructions in the posts, you will be able to create a great resource box.

Resource Box Rehab: Why Should I Go To Your Site? – guide for providing a reason to click-through to your website.

Resource Box Rehab: Making Your Resource Box Short And Sweet – gives pointers for condensing information in your resource box to fit character limitations.

Resource Box Rehab: How To Turn Your Business Card Into A Resource Box – you can do better than having a resource box that simply reflects the info on your business card. This is a guide for taking things up a few notches from just the bare basic info.

Resource Box Rehab: It’s Not Just About Links – if you’ve ever been tempted to simply leave a link or a URL in your resource box and no other info, then this article is for you!

Resource Box Rehab: Excellent Author Resource Boxes – It helps to have role models, doesn’t it? This is a collection of great resource boxes.

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