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Revamped, Relaunched, Revitalized Article Directory … with Site-Wide Speed Improvements
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We’ve just launched our completely revamped article directory … with the side effect that it’s also greatly sped up the rest of our site too!'s new revamped article directory

The old article directory had a dragging effect on the whole website including on our Members Site …

In contrast, the new article directory – completely re-developed from the ground up – places a much lighter load on the server, runs a lot quicker itself, and allows the rest of the site to run a lot quicker too.

Benefits for members from our revamped article directory include the following:

  • To increase article views:
    • Completely new, modernized design, with a simplified navigational structure
    • As mentioned, much faster page load times
    • Improved site structure for more effective SEO and listing of articles on the search engines
  • To increase your traffic and links:
    • For increased click-throughs to member sites, the resource box is now placed immediately after the article, with no separation from the article
    • Improvements in the way new publishers are attracted to our publishing network
  • And more …

This redevelopment sets in place the foundation for our new article directory, but is only the first phase – we’re now working on Phase 2, which provides benefits such as social media integration, ability to upload author (pen name) photos, author profile information, and more … more news on that as soon as we have it.

Take a look – leave me a comment to let me know what you think below!

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