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SEO Article Marketing: Can Building Links Too Fast Hurt Your Website Ranking?
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I don’t know how I tend to always read on and on when I visit your website…But I was reading elsewhere on the internet that building links too fast can actually decrease your site ranking. So, if you are submitting to a thousand directories, don’t you think it can actually harm you?

Thanks for your question. Yes, if you build links too quickly, it can adversely affect your SEO, especially for a newer, less established website. That is why you need to limit the number of articles that you submit when using an automatic article submitter.

Normally that is good news for a website owner–one of the most daunting things about doing article marketing when you’re submitting articles manually is the need to submit an incredibly high number of articles per month in order to see results (I’ve heard 50 a day mentioned…ugh!).

But when you are submitting automatically, just 8 articles a month for each website you’re marketing is plenty, presuming it’s an established site with lots of other backlinks out there. That is the quantity of submissions that we recommend for members of – it continues to work well, and is the schedule I continue to use personally.

For a newer site, or one that doesn’t yet have many backlinks built up, I’d advise a slower schedule, gradually building up frequency over time, as well as using other link building methods such as press releases, video submissions, forum posting, and so on.

At, you can also use the ArticleTrickle™ feature we offer, which allows you to have your article submitted to publishers gradually rather than all at once.

With ArticleTrickleâ„¢ you can choose to have your article submitted over 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days or up to 90 days. By “trickling” the distribution, you build links in a more organic way.

Why submit articles automatically?

In case you’re wondering, “If building a lot of links too quickly is a problem, then why not submit articles manually, to just one or two directories?”

That’s a great question too–the problem with that is that then you would not be submitting to enough sites to make much of an impact, either with search engines for SEO purposes, or to catch the attention of potential visitors to your site. Remember, article directories are some of the most highly-visited sites on the planet – by having your article on as many as possible, you’re increasing the chances of siphoning of some of that traffic to come your way, as well as linking benefits.

And apart from article directories, articles sent through also go to our in-house email list of publishers looking for content for individual sites or for ezines; and for Gold Level members, to niche blogs in our network, all owned by third-parties looking to supplement their own content with relevant articles we send them. Again, another source of links and traffic to your site that’s only achievable via an automated system.

Think about it … article submissions are not much different to press release submissions, other than a different format of the content you need to submit. They both go out to lots of different sites that end up publishing them and linking back to you. It’s unlikely you’d want a press release to go to as few outlets as possible, so it would get seen as little as possible ;) + ArticleTrickleâ„¢ = The Best Of Both Worlds

Our ArticleTrickleâ„¢ technology gives you the best of both worlds though–it allows articles to be ‘trickled’ out to our distribution network in a far more natural fashion than the all-at-once approach. The effect would be very similar to if you were distributing an article manually, and only able to distribute it to new potential publishers for say an hour or so a day.

By using along with ArticleTrickleâ„¢, you can do a little work and get your article submitted to a lot of places, making it so that you don’t need to write and submit as many articles, while at the same time making your article submissions appear as if they were done in such a leisurely, natural fashion that your submissions appear as if they were done manually. The result is a gradual building of links that appears natural and organic to search engines.

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  1. You really need to understand all this info , or It could come back to bite you.

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