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SEO Article Submission: 5 More of the Biggest Keyword Mistakes (And The Solutions!)
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There are times when we learn best by being told what to do and how to do it. Then there are other times when we learn by seeing what not to do.

Recently we’ve been taking the “what NOT to do” approach and have been covering some of the most common missteps when it comes to doing an SEO article submission.

Last time we covered 5 of the biggest keyword mistakes, and this time we’ll pick up where we left off with 5 more…

6 – Trying to put a list of keywords in your article.

Anytime you use your keywords in an article submission, the words should appear in context as a natural part of a sentence, be grammatically correct, be spelled correctly, and “fit in” with the rest of your article.

So, it wouldn’t be appropriate simply to list your keywords either in the title or the article body (or the resource box for that matter).

For example, you wouldn’t place anything like the following anywhere in your article submission (except the keywords field):

Weddings, Wedding Planner, Wedding Venues, Wedding Dresses, Wedding, Wedding Cakes

7 Â – An article that does not sound natural to a human reader.

The biggest mistake that people who are writing keyword optimized articles make is forgetting that actual human beings will be seeing their articles. In fact, that’s the primary purpose of an article–to bring valuable information to human readers. If the article doesn’t fulfill that purpose, there’s not much point to it, is there?

Anytime you put keywords in your article or title, the keywords must blend in with the rest of the article and make sense.

8 – Virtually the same title for each article.

Sometimes I can look down someone’s list of articles and just from looking at the titles, it appears to be the same article over and over again. I know what the author is thinking–he has a particular keyword phrase that he’s trying to optimize his articles for, so even though the article are different, he makes the title practically the same.

This isn’t a very good idea for a few reasons:

For one thing, when a publisher gets a group of articles from the same author and the articles have virtually the same title, then it’s easy to assume that the author is submitting the same articles repeatedly. Submitting several articles with the same title can lead to automatic declines at the publisher level.

Also, the title of the article is supposed to reveal the topic of the article. By looking at the title, the reader should be able to discern what’s in store should he choose to read the article.

Additionally, each article that you write should contain fresh information, or at least information that’s taught in a brand new fashion.

If several of your articles have the same title, then either you’re not providing fresh info, or the title is not reflecting the true content of the article.

For each article, craft a new title that is specific to that particular article. Use your keywords in your title, but you’ve got to put some effort into it to create a title that’s new and that reflects the content of the article.

9 – Trying to use a keyword phrase that has spelling or grammar errors.

Spelling and grammar is important in an article submission, so if you have come up with a keyword phrase that has spelling or grammar errors in it, then don’t use it in your title or article body.

You might have greater leeway in the resource box though.

10 – Forgetting to provide value for your readers!

It’s so easy to get SEO tunnel vision. You get so focused on working your keywords into your article that you forget to add real content. Sometimes you’ll see an article that looks like the sentences and paragraphs are just there to provide opportunities to showcase the keyword phrase.

That’s not how it should be–your article has to teach you reader something related to your niche or provide useful information about your general topic.

Here’s an idea–look at your keyword phrases, and then generate compelling and interesting article titles.

Then, write an article to satisfy the article title.

Try to use your keyword phrase in the title and in the first paragraph or so of the article body. Be sure that it sounds natural.

Then, after that point let your keyword phrase appear naturally in the article–the phrase should be closely related to the topic of the article, and it would therefore naturally pop up a various points in the article, in various semantically related forms.

Over the last few days we’ve covered the 10 biggest keyword mistakes and how to fix them.Was this info helpful? I hope so!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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