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SEO Article Writing: 5 Reasons Why Keyword Research Is Addictive!
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I remember the first time I heard the term “keywords”. I was intrigued, but only in the way that you’re intrigued when you hear a brain surgeon talking about how he goes about doing an intricate surgery.

You see, I was under the false impression that “keywords” and doing keyword research were totally dry and cerebral, something that only a very analytical person or a computer would be interested in doing.

Boy, how I was wrong!

I started with a free trial at one of the popular keyword research tools. After getting the lay of the land, I started “doing research”, which sounds very boring but is actually quite fun.

Have you been hearing me talk about “keyword this” and “keyword that” and been thinking “No thanks. I don’t want to deal with that can of worms right now (or ever).”

I want to take this post to spark your curiosity about keyword research–you know, start planting some seeds that may some day grow into a full fledged interest!

Here are 5 reasons why doing keyword research is addictive:

1 – It’s a little voyeuristic.

(In a completely innocent and legal way). By doing keyword research, you’re suddenly able to see exactly what your target readers are typing into Google and the other search engines, and they type some pretty interesting things!

You’ve heard the saying “If one person asks the question, there are probably dozens more who are wondering it.” When you do keyword research, you get to see that truth in action.

You can see how many people are searching for each particular phrase, so even if a phrase is surprising to you, you can know that it’s actually a question that’s been on lots of people’s minds.

Yes, doing keyword research is sort of like mind reading. The tools you use in the process give you special powers to see into hidden areas that you would not have access to otherwise.

2 – It’s surprising!

You get to get inside the mind of your potential customer, seeing what in the world they’re typing into search engines when they’re looking for a site such as yours.

Do you think you can figure that out on your own? You might be completely surprised at how off you are.

3 – It’s so easy.

Isn’t it cool when you go into a situation thinking that you’re in for a battle and you might have even been dreading the activity a little bit, and then you discover that it’s no big deal?

First you have a big sigh or relief, and then you start to feel pretty proud of yourself. After a brief orientation, you actually understand what you’re looking for, and you’re actually doing the dreaded task without any problems.

4- It’s inspiring.

Most of the time when I’m doing keyword research, IÂ feel like a kid in a candy shop. If you’ve ever spent time wondering what to write about and wondering what sorts of things your target readers were interested in, then wonder no more.

When you start doing keyword research, you’ll be coming up with writing ideas right and left. It’s so inspiring, and you know the real potential of those topics that you’re discovering–it’s not like you’re shooting in the dark any more.

5 – It’s empowering.

It’s the common situation of every new website owner to:

  • not be satisfied with the amount of traffic that your website is receiving.
  • feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of getting more traffic to your site.
  • be rather disoriented as to how to know what you’re shooting for, how to go about it, Â and finally how to measure your success.

When you start doing keyword research, it’s like a light comes on in a dark room.

Suddenly you can see what you’re shooting for (when you find the keywords for your niche), and you’re inspired with writing ideas based on what people are typing into the search engines. You can also measure your success based on where your website is ranked for those keywords.

Finally, you can get a grip on something that was formerly quite intimidating to you, and that feeling is totally empowering!

How To Do Keyword Research

I did this keyword research tutorial where I teach how to use Google’s free keyword tool to do keyword research, but there are all sorts of tools you can use to make the process easier.

Here is a post where I tell you about 4 tools for doing keyword research, so taking a look at that post first can help you choose a tool or service.

Many of them have a free trial where you can try them out for a week or so. Also, keep in mind that if you do use a keyword research tool that costs money, it is not an ongoing expense. Most keyword research tool services will give you the option to pay for just one week of using the tool.

So what do you think? Do you feel up to playing around with keyword research for your website?

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  1. Graham Drew says:

    Thanks great article,Keyword research can take a while at the best of times,your suggestions should make it a lot quicker and easier for for me.

    Kind Regards Graham Drew

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