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SEO Article Writing: How To Write A Keyword Rich Title
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It IS possible to craft a keyword rich title that is useful to your human readers.

So, how can I get my keywords in my article title?

Is it possible to do SEO article writing and still craft a title that is useful to a human reader? Yes!

Most definitely it is possible, but this is an area where folks tend to stumble. When someone hears that it’s a good idea to use their keywords in their titles and that publishers even appreciate a keyword rich title, it is very easy to get hyper focused on getting the keywords in to the point where:

  • The title ceases to make sense.
  • The title ceases to reflect what the article is about.
  • The title no longer conveys an impression of quality.

We’ve already covered what NOT to do with keywords and your title, but in this post we’ll discuss how to use your keywords in your titles…the right way!

So, how can I get my keywords in my article title?

Here’s where most people go wrong:

They write an article, and then afterwards they think, “I need to get my keyphrase into my title somehow.”

Sometimes this strategy works, but many times it results in a contrived, forced, unnatural sounding title that does not make sense.

Do the reverse…

Instead of writing an article and then trying to fit your keywords into the title, do the reverse. Write your title, and then write an article that delivers on what the title promises.

For example, let’s go over some keywords and keyword rich titles (keywords listed first, then the titles):

Sail boat gear
Sail Boat Gear: 5 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your New Sail Boat
3 Pieces of Sail Boat Gear That You Can’t Live Without

Green tea benefits
Green Tea Benefits: 10 Healthy Reasons To Drink More Green Tea
5 Green Tea Benefits That Will Help You Live Longer

Gourmet chocolate desserts
Gourmet Chocolate Desserts: 7 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ on Valentine’s Day
How To Bake Gourmet Chocolate Desserts In Your Very Own Kitchen!

Spring wedding dresses
Spring Wedding Dresses: 5 Styles To Flatter Any Figure
5 Spring Wedding Dresses that Look Good On Everyone

Weight lifting workout
How To Create A Personalized Weight Lifting Workout
Build Lean Muscle With This Weight Lifting Workout

Do this for each of your keywords, generating at least one title that incorporates the keyword phrase in a natural sounding way.

You see, the keyword is the jumping off point for the title and the entire article. This way you can work on creating a title that makes sense, is interesting, and that sounds natural. There is no backtracking trying to manipulate your keywords into a title that does not need those keywords to be in it.

*Notice that these are all long-tail keyword phrases (3-5 words long). Use the long tail keyword phrase to generate the article title (and topic), and then you can use your main keyword phrase(s) as anchor text in your HTML resource box, or just as regular text in your text resource box. (More on this in a future post.)

How Do I Create Titles That Are Keyword Rich?

You may notice that I put the keywords at the beginning of the title on some of the titles above. If you can arrange that while still having the title make sense, then do it. You don’t have to do it every time, but sometimes (when you can) have your keyword phrase be at the beginning of the title.

If you think of a great title that has the keyword phrase at the middle or end of the title, then that’s fine–go with it. Do not try to force yourself to always do a particular formula; switch things up now and then. Focus on creating a title that makes sense and conveys an interesting and helpful topic to your target market.

The Next Step: Write Your Article

Just take your title and write an article that fulfills what the title describes.

What if you have a keyword phrase that is grammatically incorrect or contains a misspelling?

Don’t use it, especially not in your title. Correct spelling and grammar trump the keyword phrase. If you have any spelling or grammar errors in your article or title, it sends the message that the article is of lower quality and that the author didn’t care.

Also, misspellings and grammar issues in your title are more conspicuous, and often an error in the title can result in the article being declined by the publisher.

Remember, write for humans first, then search engines.

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8 Responses to “SEO Article Writing: How To Write A Keyword Rich Title”

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  2. Excellent article! I have struggled with this dilemma ever since I started writing for the web and worrying about SEO. I always tend to write for my readers first and then I go back and try and figure out the SEO issue. Thanks!

  3. This article has been incredibly helpful and a good reminder that we are writing for humans first. The idea goes against academic writing guidelines i.e. write the intro/title last but its easy to see that writing from the title down will keep the article relevant to the topic and may even help in directing the writing itself. Thanks

  4. That’s very useful — In looking through my articles I came to realize I have not been paying any attention to getting keywords in the title. Thanks to your article I won’t make that mistake again !

  5. phoenix says:

    Very impressive and well-detailed explanation. We are actually strict when it comes to proper keyword phrases, especially because we are catering to a law firm, as much possible the keywords should be grammatically correct.

  6. Excellent article. It’s something that many of us do actually without thinking about it, but it’s actually good to hear it from somebody else.

    I specially liked the section about misspellings, I recently had a debate about that one on a SEO forum, and there were some people who did not realize that spelling errors -specially in the title- turn the readers off when they are searching for quality information. Who will trust the opinion of somebody who can’t write correctly?

  7. Shirley says:

    Your article impress me entirely, I am so interest in
    writting seo articles, but I am lacking of knowledge
    about the keywords. Benefit a lot!!!!!

  8. Harold says:

    This is a very good article. It is really very helpful to me as I am a newbie.

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