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SEO Article Writing: My Website Is Ranked High–Where’s The Traffic?
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I received this question from a reader recently:

“I am writing and submitting articles exactly like I’m supposed to, but I’m not getting the traffic that I was hoping for. What do you think I’m doing wrong?”

Thanks for your question. The main way to check your results is keeping track of where your website is ranking in search engines for the keyword phrases that you’re targeting in your articles and resource boxes.

For one of your keyword phrases, when I do a Google search for that term, your website is coming up in the 2nd and 3rd positions, behind only the official website this product that you’re writing about. That is extremely good.

When I search for your other keyword phrase, your website comes up in the 2nd position in Google, behind only the official website for that other product. Again, that is an awesome accomplishment!

The reason why the search engine ranking for your keyword terms is the definitive way to gauge your article marketing success is that search engines are where the bulk of your traffic will come from.

The main goal is not to have traffic coming from your articles (although that is a nice perk!)–it is to get a high search engine ranking for your keyword terms. Then, when people search for those terms, your website that is listed very high will get more traffic.

My website is ranked high–where’s the traffic?

If your website is ranked highly for your keyword terms, then you will receive traffic that corresponds to the number of interested searchers for that phrase. If there is a lot of demand for that phrase, then a high ranking will result in a lot of traffic.

But if the phrase has a more modest demand, then being ranked highly will yield a more modest amount of traffic.

The up side is that that modest phrase can be easier to rank highly for–there are not as many websites competing for the phrase, and the traffic that you receive is targeted, coming from searchers who are truly interested in those keyphrases that you’re targeting.

Your website is doing extremely well in the rankings for your keywords. One thing to consider if you’re not happy with the traffic you’re receiving would be to do more keyword research–perhaps ranking highly for some more competitive phrases would produce a better result.

Where To Target Your Keyword Phrases In Your Article Submissions:

Here’s something that may be helpful: The phrases that you want to your website to rank highly for should be targeted in the resource box, namely the HTML one where you can hyperlink the keywords. It’s good to have a list of several different phrases that you want your website to rank highly for.

Then, you alternate the phrases that you hyperlink in your resource box, being sure not to hyperlink the same ones each time. It looks like you have been hyperlinking the same ones each time (I’ve only looked at a few of your articles though), and still you’re ranking very high for those terms. So, no damage done so far, but you will want to vary the terms that you hyperlink in the HTML resource box moving forward.

Then, there should be different phrases that you want your articles to rank highly for. The phrases that you want your article to rank highly for will be less competitive, but relatively easy to rank for. They are usually longer phrases. Use these phrases in your title and article, and then your main keyword phrases in your resource boxes.

If you need some help with keyword research, I’ve got a resource that may be helpful to you:

Keyword Basics For Your Online Article Submissions

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4 Responses to “SEO Article Writing: My Website Is Ranked High–Where’s The Traffic?”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Could this be another reason why I`m hearing that it`s now more about promoting the actual person rather than his work?

    By that I mean getting to know one another on the social platforms & then, as a direct consequence, your articles will be read.

    All said & done there are only so many keywords we can ALL chase around the globe that even if we all do everything right only a handful will end up on Google page 1!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. do you think / mind Steve that using my comments would form the basis of a good blog post?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick: Hi Nick,

    Yes, nowadays SEO has changed considerably with social media, and it is important to do both article marketing and getting involved in various social networking sites to form connections in different ways.

    You might get something out of this post I wrote on this topic:

    Q & A about Social Media, Article Marketing, and the Changing Role of Backlinks

    It’s not really about promoting a person or an article, but with social media you’re forming relationships with real people and with article marketing you’re helping your search engine ranking. Both are helpful, and they can work together.

    You’re right–it can be a little overwhelming to think that there are only so many keywords and a lot of people who are pursuing them, but it can help to break it down:

    Everyone isn’t going after the same keywords–we only go for the keywords that are relevant to our specific niches. If you have a competitive niche, then it can take longer to climb that ladder, but you can do it. When you do reach the top, there is a BIG payoff. If you have a more specific niche where there isn’t as much competition, you can see results much sooner.

    Many times people will do keyword research before starting their online business (depends on the type of business, obviously though). They try to look for “golden nugget” niches, where there is high demand and low supply.

    Of course if you have a definite area of interest–let’s say you’re a business coach–then you already have your niche selected, and you do keyword research within that niche.

    Getting a high ranking in the search engines is a competition–it takes steady effort, but it’s doable and there’s no need to be a SEO expert to do your own website marketing.

    Thanks for your comment–it might be fodder for a blog post! :)

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