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SEO Article Writing for Beginners! 5 Tips For Writing Helpful Articles That Readers Love
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Even a beginner can produce a SEO article that pays off for years to come.

Have you ever read an article that had a title that looked totally promising, but when you started reading the article you were utterly disappointed?

There was no concrete information in the article, it was poorly written and hard to understand, and most annoyingly the author sounded like a broken record because of the constant repetition of a certain phrase throughout the article.

I’ve seen those types of articles, and you have too. That is bad SEO article writing.

When you are writing articles with SEO in mind, it does not have to be this way.

Writing SEO articles does not have to be hard, complicated, or ugly.

I’d like to teach you how to write effectively when you are targeting certain keywords.

Let’s break things down into some easy tips…

Tip #1: Carefully research one keyword phrase to target in your article.

This phrase will be what is called a “long-tail keyword phrase”.

A long-tail keyword phrase is usually 3 to 8 words long. This phrase is not the most popular phrase that people are searching for, but at the same time there are not many websites that are competing to rank highly for this term.

You are interested in writing about this phrase because you can rank highly for it with relatively little effort.

(You might be wondering: What about those keywords that have a big payday–the ones where there are millions of people searching for them? Those really popular keywords are the type that you would target in your HTML resource box, rather than your article. In this post we are focusing on doing SEO writing in the article.)

Tip #2: Create a title that uses the key phrase in a natural sounding way.

Think about what readers might be typing into Google when they are searching for information on this specific topic. You might turn the title into a “How To” since many times searchers type in “how to do such and such”.

Or you might make the title into a question, as people searching for info on the net will often type their question into Google.

The title must make sense, be interesting to a reader, and also contain proper grammar and spelling.

Tip #3: Write your article, focusing on creating helpful content for your reader.

Forget about your keyword for now–just write for content. Remember, the thing that gives your article value in Google’s eyes and your reader’s eyes is how genuinely helpful it is. The keywords in themselves don’t help anyone–you need to put forth the effort to write a useful article.

Also, your article content must fulfill what your title promised.

If you called your article “Top 5 Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips” then you must detail 5 organic vegetable gardening tips in your article.

Tip #4 : Write content that is evergreen.

This article that you have thoughtfully created will continue to be useful to your target market long after you submit your article. If the article is timeless, people will be searching for information on that topic for a long time.

Tip #5: Brainstorm semantically related versions of your keyword phrase.

What does “semantically related” mean?

If your keyword phrase is ‘organic vegetable gardening’, semantically related phrases would be:

  • planting an organic vegetable garden
  • growing an organic garden
  • growing an organic vegetable garden
  • growing organic vegetables

All of those phrases are semantically related, but they are different.

Google recognizes semantically related keywords, so it’s not necessary (or recommended) to use the same exact phrase repeatedly when writing SEO articles.

Go through your article and see where you can work in a few of your semantically related keywords in a natural sounding way.

Key Points To Remember When Doing SEO Article Writing

  • The sentences should be grammatically correct and make sense.
  • The article should not sound repetitious.
  • Think more about using variations of your key word phrase and less about repeating phrases.
  • Exercise some self-control–use a few of your semantically related phrases, not every last one you can think of.
  • Study your topic–be sure that your article provides your readers with information that they need.


Writing a high quality SEO article takes time, preparation, and thoughtful contemplation. You need to put yourself in the shoes of humans reading your article and also turn the tables and think about how a search engine would perceive your article.

SEO article writing is not brain surgery, but it takes time.

If you spend 20 minutes researching your information and an hour writing your article, and 20 minutes editing and proofreading, then in less than 2 hours you will have created a piece of content that will continue to draw search engine traffic for years to come.

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