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SEO Article Writing 101
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What Is Google's Role In Article Marketing?

Google & Article Marketing

It is not necessary to know the ins and outs of how Google works and how SEO article writing influences search engine listings to see positive results from your article submissions.

You can progress and see the benefits if you write articles on the topic of your website, submit articles consistently, and craft strong titles and resource boxes.

However, you must know that Article Marketing is inextricably linked with SEO, and when you’re feeling up to it there are some more advanced things you can do to with your articles that will capitalize on the SEO benefits of Article Marketing.

How Do Google and Article Marketing Interconnect?

When you have a website, all marketing tools are employed with the end goal of driving traffic to that website. The traffic can come from multiple sources, but the primary traffic hubs are search engines such as Google.

Link Building is something that website owners undertake to increase their search engine ranking. When I say ‘search engine ranking’ I mean where the website shows up in search results when someone Googles the website’s keywords. By building links from other websites going back to your own website, your can get a higher search engine rank. An increased search engine ranking for your major keywords can of course build traffic dramatically for the long-term.

This is where Article Marketing steps in–it is a tried and true tool for building links and driving traffic to a website over the long term. By being aware of how SEO interacts with Article Marketing, you can leverage your articles more effectively and fine tune your results. You can also develop realistic expectations, which will help you keep your motivation and momentum going.

This collection of resources is for anyone who wants to maximize their success with their article submissions. The first section “Getting Started” is for everyone–even if you don’t know anything about SEO or Google or the internet. Just read the resources under that section, and if you like you can save the rest for when you’re ready to bite off a little bit more.

The other sections are for folks who are ready to spread their wings and start learning about keywords, link building, basic SEO, and how search engines work. I hope you find these resources helpful!

Getting Started:

The #1 Reason Why Article Marketing Fails – If there is one post on this blog that you need to read, this is it. Article Marketing is not complicated–it is extremely simple and you may be surprised at the most common reason it ‘doesn’t work’.

5 Things To Do Before You Start Article Marketing – for anyone who has just stared doing article marketing, or is on the verge of starting, or who is considering starting, I’ve got 5 tips for you that will make your life easier.

ArticleLeverage: How Does It Work? a brief overview of the ArticleLeverage system.This tool is free for the use of members, and allows you to create unlimited variations for your articles and resource boxes.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Brand New Website – a member of shares his results when marketing his new website with article submissions, and I give you 3 big tips for creating the same types of results.

Link Building & Search Engines:

How To Get A Higher Search Engine Rank – Have you ever wondered what it means to “get a higher search engine rank”? This resource explains what that phrase means, what you should be shooting for, and a step-by-step plan for increasing your own search engine ranking.

How Many Articles Should I Submit–Is More Better? – tells the optimum number of articles to submit per month, explains how a rapid increase in links affects search engines, and gives tips for building links organically.

When Can I Expect Backlinks To Show Up From My Articles? - explains how to do a backlink check and how long it takes for links to be registered at search engines.

Is There Any Benefit To Having My Article Published On A Smaller Website? – explains the 2 ways that Article Marketing builds traffic and why it’s important to submit to as many targeted websites as possible, both big and small.

Keyword Research:

What Are Keywords? – gives illustrations explaining what keywords are and how Google sees keywords.

How Do I Get Started With Keyword Research? – goes over some of the most popular keyword research resources.

Keyword Density – explains how keyword density is calculated

Why Do You Ask For My Keywords On The Submission Page? – teaches how and article directories use your keywords in the publication of your articles.

SEO Writing:

How To Sabotage Your Article: Go Keyword Crazy – a 5 step process for using your keywords appropriately in your articles.

How Can I Use Keywords In My Articles To Please Search Engines And My Target Readers? – a 2 step process for effectively using your keywords to grab the attention of readers and also appeal to Google. Covers using long-tail keyphrases in your articles, and how you can create a blanket coverage of all applicable keywords, all directing readers to your site.

How To Write Search Engine Friendly Article Titles – explores how to use the free WordTracker keyword suggestion tool to generate article titles.

How To Appropriately Use Keywords In Your Article Titles – covers how NOT to write a title, and also 3 key elements that your titles should include.

Always Write On The Topic Of Your Website – explains why all of your articles should always be on the topic of your website.

SEO & Resource Boxes:

What’s An HTML Resource Box? – tells what a HTML resource box is, goes over the benefits of using one, and then covers some of the common mistakes people make and how to fix them.

How To Enter An Advanced HTML Resource Box In 5 Easy Steps – this is a step-by-step tutorial for submitting an HTLM resource box into This post is for members who would like to learn how to use the Advanced HTML Resource Box field that appears on the Enter Your New Article page.

How To Build Links To Multiple Sites With Just One Article! – Members of are invited to use ArticleLeverageâ„¢, which allows you to set up variations for different parts of your article, including the text and HTML resource boxes. This article reveals a secret trick for driving traffic to multiple sites by employing the ArticleLeverageâ„¢ tool.

Are You Making One Of These 7 HTML Resource Box Slip-Ups? – goes over several common mistakes that people make when creating an HTML resource box, and how to fix them.

How To Create An Article Marketing Campaign:

Over a series of posts on the Creative Article Marketing blog, I shared the details of my own link building, traffic driving, ranking jumping journey for my most recent article marketing campaign. I revealed every step I took on my article marketing campaign, exactly what I did, and also the very pleasing results. If you would like to maximize your results and be more strategic in your Article Marketing efforts, I highly encourage you to read the resources below and develop your own Article Marketing Campaign. This is the way that I do mine:

Step 1: Establish Your Baseline -covers 4 questions to ask yourself in determining your website’s starting point, some FAQs you may run into as you’re doing this research, and reveals my own results in search engine rankings for my keywords from consistently submitting articles.

Step 2: Check Out Your Competition – explains why it’s important to look at how your main competitors are doing, how you can determine who your competitors are, and what info you should track for your competition.

Step 3: Organizing and Brainstorming – teaches how to set goals for your article marketing, establishing a schedule, and also pre-brainstorming article ideas.

Step 4: Writing – gives basic guidelines for writing your articles, and highlights 2 easy ways to use your keywords in your submissions, even if you’re a beginner with SEO.

Step 5: Keywords – further elaborates on how to use keywords in your article marketing campaign, including the WRONG way to use keywords and the RIGHT way to use them, and also some tips on using keywords in your titles.

Statistics Tracking Tools:

How To Use Yahoo Site Explorer – walks you though using Yahoo Site Explorer in monitoring the statistics for your website.

How Can I Tell If My Target Market Is Reading My Articles? – teaches how to reach your target market with your articles and how many views your article has.

Photo Credit: Google logo render – Mark Knol

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4 Responses to “SEO Article Writing 101”

  1. Website SEO says:

    Internet Marketing has gotten very competitive over the last few years and knowing the tips and tricks to stay on the cutting edge of marketing is a must.

  2. I’ve been thinking of creating my own portal for my articles. Perhaps a sneeze page is more targeted. my thinking is it can be done quite easily utilizing one of the free web site building platforms. How do you suggest creating a sneeze page?

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Don,

    If you have a blog, you can create the sneeze page in a page or on a post, as I have done. If you have a website, you can just add a page with the sneeze page. It is not necessary to create an new website for the article sneeze pages, unless you wish to do so. You can use the websites you already have that you have been writing articles to drive traffic back to.

    I hope that helps!

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