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So What Exactly Are … ‘Naked Articles’?
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Don’t worry … nothing your mother wouldn’t approve of!

Let me explain …

Gold Level members of are able to add links (up to two) into the body of the article itself.

For example, if your article’s about ‘dog training’, and you want to link the phrase ‘dog training’ within the article back to your site, you’ll be able to do so.

Here’s the magic bit …

1. ‘Doing It Naked’

When the article’s distributed to a blog in our network, if the article contains such link(s) within the body of the article, the article will be submitted in ‘naked’ form … no resource box, no other author attribution, just the article itself with the link(s).

This has two main advantages:

a. Higher Value Links

Because the link is in the main body of the content, it’s a higher value link than a link that’s right at the bottom of the page in the resource box – higher value for your site’s SEO (search engine optimization), and also likely to get more click-through too from people reading the post.

b. More Links

On the blog, this will essentially look like a normal blog post that the blog owner could have written themselves, which offers higher value to the blog owner.

Some blog owners in our network have specified that they only want to receive these ‘naked articles’, because they prefer them over free reprint articles which are clearly by someone else … so for the member producing the ‘naked article’, they get more coverage for their content, and more inbound links.

2. Or, As Normal … Fully Clothed

When the same article is sent elsewhere, eg. to article directories, these links within the body of the article are not included, simply because they’re generally not permitted and the article wouldn’t get accepted or published.

Instead, the article is fully clothed and resource box is sent in the normal way. So for the rest of our distribution system, the article is distributed as normal, and no links within the body of the article will be sent.

Here’s a diagram of how this works:

So as you can see you get the advantages of both traditional article marketing and our more advanced distribution method of submitting directly to relevant sites with high link value.

Essentially, Naked Articles and the Gold Level features of our service multiply the power of traditional article marketing in the following ways:

1. Distribution to sites that have direct relevance to your own site, giving you a much more powerful link back to your site … simply because relevant links (i.e. links from a site that’s relevant to your own) have far more value than non-relevant links (i.e. links from a site that’s unrelated, or contains generic content)

2. When Naked Articles are used (i.e. you add links to the body of your article), the value of this links back are even higher, and you are likely to get more links, simply because the content is likely to be distributed more widely.

This gives you a super powerful link building system, even more so when combined with ArticleLeverageâ„¢ so that each distributed version of your article is essentially unique.

Let me know what you think – leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions …

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39 Responses to “So What Exactly Are … ‘Naked Articles’?”

  1. Bob says:


    I’m interested in joining your service and have a question.

    For a few years, I was using traditional article marketing and distribution and doing well with Adsense. Four months ago, my adsense income plummeted. Is it possible that having links that are only from article resource boxes can get you penalized by Google? I ask because your naked articles would solve this problem for me. Do you know anyone that this “penalty” happened to?

    Bob Fioravante

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Bob: Hi Bob,

    I’m not aware of such a penalty and would think it very unlikely. Regardless, it’s always wise to use different link building methods, of which article marketing can form a crucial part. Using Naked Articles certainly adds a different link building method into the mix.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Steve,

    Do the blog owners who post the naked articles get to specify whether the article they receive is leveraged? If they do, then it becomes more of an incentive for the writers like myself to leverage my articles.

  4. I’m glad I found this site. I’m also glad that I didn’t have to download and unzip it. It’s like having a new Language (English, in my case) Teacher after all these years. I loved language classes, and I hated math classes. My algebra teacher was right, I didn’t need algebra to balance a checkbook.

    With few exceptions, grammar, spelling and punctuation rules make sense to me. Equations, algorithms, most of the numbers rules slide right past me.

    Our language, what we say and how we say it,drives the numbers. We can “drive traffic” with words. I’ll admit to feeling pretty relieved.

    Does “Someone Else”,’Something Else”, or a”Spiritual Being” take care of the numbers? No, language tells the numbers what to do.

    Can I skip article marketing, submitting content, and go on to some software that drives traffic? No. I’ve purchased a number of “drive traffic” software packages. After registration, the first thing you have to do is enter content, an article, blog post, etc. Content drives the internet marketing numbers. Whew.

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Chris: Hi Chris,

    Publishers can set the minimum level of ‘uniqueness’ for the content they receive, so in that way they can specify whether the articles they receive are leveraged or not, and also to what extent they are leveraged.

  6. Chris says:

    @Steve Shaw:

    Thanks Steve,

    I leverage mine pretty heavily so that should work in my favour.

  7. Sivadasan says:

    @Jacquee Myers:
    Hi, I too feel the same sense of having a means of communication. Thank u.

  8. Hi Steve

    I love the idea of submitting Naked Articles – however, in the blog post above you talk about “giving you a much more powerful link back to your site”, yet in the Article Help pop up on the article submission form, under “Adding Links To Your Site” it says “You generally should not link to your own website – this makes it come across as promotional, and will cause problems when your article comes to be distributed.”

    I would have hyperlinked the keywords I am targeting back to my site – but this now does not seem to be acceptable. Can you please explain further on how we can get backlinks to our website.


  9. Steve Shaw says:

    @Cynthia Minnaar: Hi Cynthia,

    Well spotted, and thanks for highlighting this potentially confusing advice. To clarify, the tip in the Article Help popup (which we’ll now amend to make it clearer) means not to include a URL – eg. – to your own website in the body of your article, and this advice still stands – it was not intended to refer to linking keywords from the body of your article back to your website, although up until our recent launch of Gold Level that was not possible anyway.

    However, now our Gold Level members are able to link specific keywords back to their website from the body of the article – this is part of our Naked Articles feature, and such links are only used when the article is sent to the blogs in our network. When the same article is sent to the rest of our distribution network, any such linking is removed from the article body, and the resource box is sent as normal.”

    Hope that makes sense, if not, please let me know.

  10. Any advice on how to handle regional-specific terms in the articles and link text? If I was to write articles on phones, ideally I would like to place the link to my site using the phrase ‘mobile phone’. But there’s a strong chance the article would be picked up by a US site, who would expect the phrase to be ‘cell phone’ rather than ‘mobile phone’.

    How would you advise handing regional English in these cases?

  11. Sharon says:

    @Scott Fitzgerald: Hi Scott,

    I’m in the US–We use the term ‘mobile phone’ in the US as well (in addition to cell phone). That term would not sound out of place to an American reader.

    Also, I think that publishers understand that their audience is worldwide–just because the publisher is in the US does not mean that his or her readership is.

    I hope that helps!

  12. Mark Shapiro says:

    The {cat|dog} is the way to write articles now?

  13. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: Hi Mark–only if you would like to. You are not required to use the spinning feature, but many have found that it is quite powerful to create article variations using this method. I encourage you to try it out and get your feet wet with the new technology, then see how you like it.

    Any questions, please let me know.

  14. Mark Shapiro says:

    Thanks, so in my my article, I might do it like this:

    I am not a lawyer, I am a Judgment Broker (A HREF= “” TARGET = “_BLANK”>, and I know how hard it is to enforce a judgment.

  15. Mark Shapiro says:

    I forgot the final , but is that how to embed, or just have listed in the sentence?

  16. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: I’m sorry Mark–I thought I had replied to your first question a few days ago (I’m almost positive that I did, but my comment isn’t showing here for some reason).

    At any rate your additional comment will help me to make a better response:

    When you are putting links in the article, you would not put your written out URL, but rather you would hyperlink a keyword phrase that naturally occurs in your article. So, the article would read as just a normal article–not promotional in any way–but as a Gold Level member you can have up to two links in the article. The links will be inconspicuous–they will not shout out and say “click here!” or “visit my site!” or “here’s my website address!”. They will just be a hyperlinked keyword that goes back to your website.

    We have a PDF that may help you more:

    How To Use Naked Articles

  17. Celene says:

    @Steve Shaw:
    I just want to be sure I am understanding this correctly. I would submit the article with up to 2 anchor text links back to my site and with a resource box as well and the links are automatically removed when submitted to directories and the resource box will automatically be removed when used as a naked article? There is nothing else I have to do? I don’t have to submit it one way to naked articles and another way to regular article submission to the directories?


  18. Steve Shaw says:

    @Celene: Hi Celene,

    What you stated is exactly correct:

    You would submit the article with up to 2 anchor text links back to your site and with a resource box as well and the links are automatically removed when submitted to directories and the resource box will automatically be removed when used as a naked article. There is nothing else you have to do. You don’t have to submit it one way to do naked articles and another way to do regular article submission to the directories. Yes, that is exactly how it works–you’ve got it! :)

  19. Kerry Coates says:

    Okay, so if I sign up as a member just at the basic level and I submit an article, I am not able to put links in my content, only in my resource box. But in the illustration above, the resource box is removed when the article is submitted to BLOGS so therefore I would have NO links (zero links) on the blog sites, only the article sites since the resource box is missing? Or is it that the basic members’ articles are not submitted to blogs at all?

  20. Steve Shaw says:

    @Kerry Coates: Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for your question–I’m happy to clear this up:

    If you sign up for the basic (Silver) level then you will put links to your website in your resource box. Your articles along with your resource boxes will be sent to all the publishers on our network, except for any blog publishers who have specifically requested to only receive naked articles.

    When blog publishers sign up to receive articles, they can specify whether they receive naked articles only, or a combination of naked articles and “regular” articles with resource boxes.

    Your distributed articles would always have some type of attribution–they would not be sent to someone who only wants naked articles if your article is not a naked article.

    Does that help? Any other questions, just let me know.

  21. Mark Shapiro says:

    I don’t know my my last blog comment was deleted, I was suggesting a change to the new interface to let one have alternate titles on naked articles in the editing window.

    I just want to point out now a fantastic benefit to naked articles:
    The action of examining {each|every} word is that it makes you really carefully read your article. I catch more typos doing it naked, woo hoo!

  22. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: Hi Mark,

    Glad you’re liking using Naked Articles!

    The response to your previous technical question about variations in titles with naked articles will be coming to you via email today (if it hasn’t reached you already). The thing you suggested is actually something that is already part of the system, so we were sending you a PDF to really spell out how to do the variations in the title (doesn’t matter if you’re using Naked Articles or not–you still do the variations to the title in the same way). With any technical issues/questions/suggestions, it’s really best to send them to our support site. I had just forwarded your comment on to our support site with instructions on what to send you. You should receive that reply today via email…if not, please let me know.

  23. Mark Shapiro says:

    Thanks Steve, the bottom line is I want to have about 12 alternate titles, and it seems there is only room for 2-3 with spinning/naked articles. The support said there is no way to have the old title variation system with the new naked system. Please add this to the wish list, alternative titles on naked articles would rock, and without it, I think our SEO results won’t be as good. Thanks so much. Nothing works better for marketing per dollar than writing articles and using your service.

  24. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: Hi Mark,

    You can create as many title variations as you like with either Advanced ArticleLeverage or Standard ArticleLeverage, but you can’t combine the two systems for use in one article. You have to choose one or the other for each article.

    This shouldn’t create any problems though– you can create 12 title variations using the spinner syntax with Advanced ArticleLeverage.

    Let’s continue this via email (I’ll find the previous correspondence we’ve had on this and give more info).

  25. Phil says:


    Forgive me if I’ve missed this in the documentation somewhere, but:

    I use the advanced leverage and have just started including the two anchortext links in the article body for naked articles, as well using as the resource boxes in the usual way. Now, as I understand it, the articles with anchortext (no resource box) go naked to blogs, and the regular articles – resource box but no anchortext – go to article directories.

    Can you put my mind at ease regarding duplicate content? Naked on blogs could be duplicated with attributed on a Directory, thus blog is showing as a rip-off. My concern two-fold – I subscribe to naked articles myself and obviously want to avoid penalisation; secondly, I also want to be sure that, say a directory editor is not seeing my regular original article as ripped off from a blog (or vice versa).

    Your advice appreciated!


  26. Steve Shaw says:

    @Phil: Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your question. I doubt this is something to be concerned about … for example, we submit to before elsewhere, and I don’t know any other article directories doing those sorts of checks.

    The blog wouldn’t be perceived as a rip-off in any case, as you’re linking back to the author’s site via the links in the article – it’s just a slightly different concept to linking back from a resource box, that’s all, with the links in a different place.

    For best effect though, you can use Advanced ArticleLeverage in combination with the Naked Article links, so that every blog publishing it would in essence have a differently worded article.

    Blog owners themselves of course can also specify a minimum level of uniqueness in the articles they receive.

    I hope this helps!

  27. EJ Paul says:

    I’m confused.

    I’m a Gold level member.

    Do I still need to sign up as a publisher to post naked articles on my blogs?

    Can I decide which articles are posted?

    Can the articles be altered if the 2 links are not altered?

    Where can I find instructions/rules for doing this?



  28. Steve Shaw says:

    @EJ Paul: Hi EJ,

    If you want to publish articles on your blog, then you will need to sign up as a publisher (it is free). Here is where you sign up:

    Yes, you can decide which articles are posted–you can set it so that articles are put in draft form so that you can review and post them.

    If you felt comfortable with the articles you were receiving, you could also set it so that articles were automatically published on your blog.

    The articles cannot be altered at all, even if the 2 naked article links are not altered. Each article needs to be published exactly as it is submitted to you. (Of course you may add an image to the post if you like, but the text of the article cannot be changed.)

    If you have any questions, please let us know.


  29. Mark Demers says:

    I`ve been article marketing lately and have noticed that “naked” articles do generate better links than those in the resource box .
    I`ve started doing exactly what you mention here and i seem to be rising in the search – i wish i knew this a long time ago.
    Thanks for the post
    Have a =Great DaY!

  30. Jama Lorah says:

    Thanks a ton for being my personal tutor on this issue. My spouse and i enjoyed your current article greatly and most of all favored the way in which you handled the issues I regarded as controversial. You are always very kind to readers much like me and assist me to in my living. Thank you.

  31. Ralph says:

    Steve, How does naked articles affect linking in the post Panda/Penguin age with over reliance on exact match anchor text? Thanks’

  32. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ralph: Hi Ralph,

    Great question–we have always advised that it is crucial to vary the anchor text links and to not use the same ones repeatedly, as that can send up red flags with Google.

    Now, with the Panda/Penguin updates, it’s the same advise–vary your anchor text, and you can use semantically related keyword phrases as well.

    In case you’d like more info about how article marketing has been affected by the Panda/Penguin updates, see this post below:

  33. eric roberts says:

    hi if i write a blog can i also use it for a naked article ? and i thought that google were attacking this kind of link network such as link monster, i am tempted to join you but i have been put off by what has just happened to me with bad links. thanks eric roberts

  34. Steve Shaw says:

    @eric roberts: Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your question. I do not advise that you submit the content that appears on your own site as a free reprint article, because it is to your advantage to keep the content on your own website unique. Instead, I suggest that you rewrite your blog posts and then you can submit them as articles. You could then apply the Naked Article links to your article.

    You had asked about the changes in Google and how it affects article marketing–please take a look at this post where I address this topic in detail:

    Surviving Google’s Penguin Update

    Hope this helps!

  35. Kuldeep says:

    I find this article and number of comments very useful. However, article links in comment numbers 33 and 35 are not working. Please check. I was willing to read article related to surviving Google Pengiun update through that link.

  36. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Kuldeep–

    My apologies, the link is now fixed. Here it is again:

    Surviving Google’s Penguin Update

    Hope that helps…

  37. Mel says:

    I’m new here. Is there a number of articles someone is allowed to write here. Thanks.

  38. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Mel, members can submit an unlimited number of articles through our system – more info at

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