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5 Not-So-Silly Newbie Questions About Submitting Articles To Publishers
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I love getting questions from people who are completely new to the world of article marketing. Many times people will contact me almost apologetically, saying:

I am a complete newbie, and this is probably a silly question, but I’m wondering such and such about submitting articles to publishers…

I just want to say that there are no silly questions!

The fact that a question came into your head on this topic means that you are trying to wrap your brain around a topic that is completely new to you, and I commend you for that.

In this post I want to go over some of the not-so-silly questions that beginners have asked me. Laced in all of these excellent questions, you will notice the myriad of benefits of submitting articles, and you will start to understand why so many regular everyday people have adopted article marketing as their marketing tool of choice.

1 – How can article marketing help me? Am I supposed to publish other people’s articles on my website or write articles?

Alright, so there is confusion about which part you should be doing–publisher or author?

When you do article marketing, your intention is to increase the number of visitors to your website. You can do this by writing and submitting unique, quality educational articles on your topic.

A resource box is submitted along with each of your articles. A resource box is a short author bio that includes a link back to your website. Very simply speaking, it is that resource box with the link to your website that is the key to getting more visitors to your website.

You submit these articles to publishers, and then publishers put your article and your resource box on their website.

Article marketing benefits publishers and authors, but in two different ways. If you are trying to get a higher search engine ranking and get more visitors to your website, then you should play the part of the author and submit articles.

2 – Why in the world would a publisher want to put my article on his website and link back to my site?

Article marketing is a win-win situation for authors and publishers. There are tons of website owners (we call them “publishers” sometimes) who need content for their sites and who do not want to (or are not able to) write the content themselves.

Website owners like to have articles on their sites because it serves their readers–it gives their readers a reason to visit their site.

In order to make your articles attractive to publishers, you need to write high quality articles that educate and inform.

The publisher will link back to your site because that is part of the arrangement with using free reprint articles. The publisher gets the content for free, but he must publish your resource box in return.

3 – How many articles do I need to submit to see results?

When submitting using an automatic article submitter like, 8 articles per month per website is ideal.

When submitting manually, you will need to submit significantly more articles to see the same results.

4 – Is there ever a time when I need to resubmit the articles I’ve already had distributed through

No, once your article has been distributed, there is no need to redistribute it.

5 – I want to submit articles that are published on my own site–can I do that?

Yes, it is fine to submit articles that are already on your own site, but I advise that you vary your articles before submitting them to article directories. This is to ensure that content on your own site is different than what you are submitting, because maintaining the uniqueness of the content on your own site is valuable to your website.

So, all you need to do is take an article from your own site and rewrite it. Give it a different title, and basically use the article from your website as an outline for your article that you’re submitting to article directories. The topic of the article and the structure of your paragraphs can remain the same, but the idea is to say the same thing using different wording, so that the article on your own website is unique.

Once you’ve reworked your article, you can submit it through our article submission service.

Now, if you wish to submit articles that are on your website without reworking them, that is fine–it is not against our guidelines, and you can do that. But we just advise that it is beneficial to keep the content on your own site unique, and that it is worth it to rework the content from your site before submitting it to article directories.


I have about a trillion “frequently asked questions for newbies”, and I hope these have helped some of you. If you are a beginner to article marketing and you have a question about submitting articles to publishers, please leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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6 Responses to “5 Not-So-Silly Newbie Questions About Submitting Articles To Publishers”

  1. Great answers to questions people have but don’t always ask. Thanks

  2. Excellent Questions and the replies were just what I needed to read,Steve.Keep ‘em coming.

    Here’s my question:

    Seeing as most Article Directories require you to sign up and login(I found that out by trying out some free “Article Submitter” software),I have to search for ones with a form,so how is the Submityourarticle different?

    I’ve already found what a job it is submitting to umpteen sites by hand!

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Richard Bligdon: Hi Richard,

    Great question–I remember what it was like to try to submit articles manually. That is how I ended up creating–I wanted to make the submission process easier.

    You submit your article to us (enter it into the form in our membership site) and then basically with the push of a button, your article is sent out to our massive network of publishers.

    You had asked how we login and submit your articles to the publishers. For the most part we have automated that too–for the vast majority of publishers we:

    a) have arranged with the publisher a backdoor method of submitting your articles so that you don’t need to provide any login details.


    b) for some web sites where log in is required we use a distribution account to submit your article under your author name (and in that case you would not need to provide any login details).

    There are only 6 or so article directories where we still need you to create an account and provide us with your login details. You enter that info into our system once, and it’s taken care of.

    If that wasn’t enough, we have another advantage over manual submissions–we have our own in-house list of highly-targeted email publishers and article announcement lists. No login is needed for those types of publishers–we take care of that for you.

    We compile the publishers, we submit the article for you to all the publishers (after you have entered your article into our system). This increases your effectiveness and saves your sanity (I know how hard it is to submit by hand! :) )

    I hope this helps, Richard. Just let me know if you have any other questions.


  4. Yes, there is no silly questions. Actually, marketers love every questions so they know what kind of products or services that would suit you.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I’m not totally new to article marketing but I’m new to your service. Usually I write a blog post and turn it into an article. Is there any problem with kind of submission?

    Thank you,

    Ellene Breedlove Davis

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ellene Breedlove Davis: Hi Ellene,

    It is perfectly fine to write a blog post and then re-work it and turn it into an article–that is the way that I do all of my articles, and I think it is a very efficient way to produce original content. (For best results, just be sure that the blog post is rewritten to form the article, so that the content on your own website (blog) remains unique.)

    Here are some resources you may find helpful:

    Using A Blog As Part Of Your Article Marketing Plan

    How to Use Your Blog to Generate Articles

    How To Turn A Blog Post Into A Free Reprint Article

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