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Submitting Articles To Publishers: What Is The Rule About Repetitive Titles?
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Each article title should be unique...

What is the rule about repetitive titles?

Recently I received an interesting question about submitting articles to publishers that I think warrants a blog post:

What is the rule about repetitive titles? I have several articles on the same topic. One has received more traffic than the others. Should I write more with that title, or very nearly the same title?

That is an excellent question. As you look at your list of articles and the statistics for each one, there may be some articles that have significantly more views than others.

“Why is this one article more popular than the others?” you may ask.

And your follow up question would be, “How can I replicate this success with my future articles?”

Let’s explore what you can learn from your most popular articles.

Each Article Should Have A Unique Title

Let’s nip this temptation in the bud: Resist the urge to reuse the same title repeatedly.


Fresh Titles Convey Fresh Content

Firstly, remember that every time you submit an article it has to pass publisher approval in order to get published on a website. First and foremost, your articles must meet the needs of publishers. Publishers want unique articles. They do not want to see the same article show up on their doorstep repeatedly.

Each article should contain fresh information on your topic, and the title should reflect what the article is about.

If you submit articles that have the same title, it sends the impression that the article is the same as well.

If a publisher perceives that you are submitting the same article or title repeatedly, it can result in a decline.

And imagine if you are a reader looking at a list of titles on an article directory–what would you think if you saw a bunch of articles with the same title? Would you feel the need to read all of them? No, you would just assume that it was the same article. A reader wants to see unique content too.

Each one of your titles should convey a fresh take on your subject to be most attractive to publishers and readers.

There are many factors that could be contributing to the popularity of a single article.

There may be something about that one title that struck a cord with your readers, or it might not be the title–it might be the specific topic that you covered in that article.

Try to explore why that one title did so well for you–

  • Maybe you did keyword research before writing this article, and you appropriately used your keywords in your article headline. (Here is a resource teaching the right way to use keywords in your article title.)
  • Maybe you put your keywords at the beginning of that title, and that technique worked very effectively for you.
  • Maybe the specific topic that you were writing about is very compelling to your target market, and you need to explore that specific topic further.
  • Maybe the title was in a specific format (perhaps a question title).
  • Maybe the title was a “Top Tips” or a “How To” title, and you can write other articles that are also in that same genre (although different from the first article).

There could be many reasons one particular article did well–you can play around with future titles and articles to experiment with the different aspects of that original title/article.

Your Homework

I encourage you to look through your previous articles to tap into what is working really well for you.

1 – Check out this detailed guide on how to analyze your top performing articles and generate new article ideas from them:

What You Can Learn From Your Most Popular Articles

2 – Review the guide I linked to above and apply it your own articles.

3 – What did you discover about your top performing articles?

4 – How many new article ideas were you able to generate off of your previous top performing articles?

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