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Published By Google+ now offers Silver Level members and above the benefit of Google Authorship for their articles … and when you activate this for a pen name in your account, you’ll also enjoy additional advantages for your content in our article directory.

More details below …

What’s Google Authorship?

Google Authorship means that when your article shows up in Google’s result pages, the picture associated with your Google+ Profile is displayed too – here’s an example of that working.


Google+ Authorship results in your profile picture showing up in the search results - and higher prominence for your content

Google Authorship results in your profile picture showing up in the search results – and higher prominence for your content

This means your content gains higher prominence in the listings, which tends to result in higher click-through – i.e. increased readership of your content. Your content may also be regarded by those clicking through as more authoritative, which can increase the click-throughs you get from your resource box at the end of the article.

By using Google Authorship, you also start to build what’s called Author Rank, through which Google remembers the authority and credibility you have personally built as an author of the content concerned … and this forms part of their ranking metrics.

With social media becoming an increasing factor in how Google decides to rank content in their results, it’s best to start taking advantage of this sooner rather than later.

More details on how this works can be seen in this Forbes article detailing everything you need to know about Google Authorship.

Article Directory Benefits

By associating your Google+ Profile with a pen name in your account, we’ll use your Google+ Profile image to increase the prominence of your articles in our listings:
Google+ In Our Article Directory

Again this will increase click-throughs, and boost your authority and credibility with readers.

With the article itself, your image will be used with your resource box at the end of the article to similar effect:

 And finally, we’ll again use your image on your author page within our article directory.

All this helps your content rise above the pack, increasing your readership, visibility, and traffic to your website.

And More …

As soon as you integrate with Google+, you’ll find your Google+ Profile image cropping up within the Member Site too, helping to personalize your account, and assisting with usability when you’re managing multiple pen names (Gold Level members only).

Here’s just a couple examples:



The key message? Start using this in your account today … let’s find out exactly how to do that …

How To Start Using Google Authorship With

1. Sign Up To Google+

First things first … if you haven’t done so already, ensure you have a Google+ account.

2. Edit Your Pen Name

You can either do this when you enter a new pen name, or by editing an existing one. You’ll find a Google+ field towards the bottom of the Add/Edit Pen Name page – enter your Google+ Profile id into that field as shown in this example:


Enter your Google+ ID into your account - you can associate a separate Google+ account for each pen name

Enter your Google+ ID into your account – you can associate a separate Google+ account for each pen name


3. Add Link to Contributor To

From within Google+, you now need to add a link to our article directory to the Contributor To section – this is how Google verifies that you are the author of content that we tell them about.

To do this, go to your Profile in Google+, and then click the About tab – this is how it looks at the time of writing:

You’ll see a Links box on that page – click the Edit link, add to the Contributor to section, and save.

4. Repeat for Additional Pen Names

If you’re a Gold Level member with more than one pen name on your account, don’t forget you can do this for all the pen names in your account so that each one stands to benefit.


Any questions? Leave a comment below to let me know …


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  1. Hi Steve,
    I have verified my email id & also have my site URL in contributors list but still don’t see my profile pic or google + acc next to my site listing on google.
    Can you please help me out we figuring out what’s missing or what am I doing wrong.

    My url:-
    plus acc:-

    Thanks in advance for your help & assistance,


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Zainab

    Your Google+ id has been added to your pen name page, however I see you’re currently using our Free Level – please note that Google Authorship is a benefit of our paid membership levels, so you won’t get any immediate advantage from this unless you choose to upgrade your account at some point. Any questions, please just get in touch.

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