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The “Historical Figure” Article Template
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mark_twain_drawingEver get bored with writing the same old types of articles over and over?

Yes, we want to provide educational helpful info to our readers with every article, but have you ever craved a different perspective, a jolt of creativity, a way to combine a love of history (or TV!) with your article writing?

I’d like to push you a little bit out of the box with this article template.

Use a historical figure, TV character, or any sort of popular icon as an example of the principles you’d like to teach.

A great example of this is The Mark Twain Guide To Better Blogging from Copyblogger.

Now, this example is a blog post, but as we know blogs and articles are complimentary.

Here are some guidelines for you:

Pick a historical figure that has made some great quotes.

If you’re stumped, browse around

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Shakespeare
  • Mister Rogers (you know, Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers Neighborhood–he had some great quotes!)
  • Bill Cosby
  • Katharine Hepburn
  • Helen Keller
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Winston Churchill

You get the idea. You do not have to pick a person that has anything to do with your niche–that is what makes things interesting.

How do Mark Twain and blogging go together?

It’s that odd combination that intrigues you to want to read the article. The quotes you choose will tie the historical figure to your topic.

Select several quotes that you can work off of. The idea is to choose quotes that you can in some way connect to principles/ideas having to do with your niche. Quotes that are ideals, beliefs, or observations are good inspiration.

Write a commentary on how each quote connects to a principle having to do with your niche.

Write an introductory paragraph that gives a little info about the historical figure, and why you think he/she would have been a great blogger, virtual assistant, website designer, entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, caterer, dentist, florist, real estate agent–whatever your niche is.

Write a conclusion–could just be one sentence.

Write a title that mentions the historical figure in combination with your topic. For example:

The [historical figure's name] Guide To [Your Topic]

Some Tips:

Now, depending on your personality, this will either be the easiest article you’ve ever written or the hardest.

I encourage you to use this template as inspiration to think about your topic in a different way and adapt it to suit your personality.

Suppose you’re not all into the quotes–here’s an alternative example:

Carrie Bradshaw’s Guide To A Stylish Book Launch

In that post, the author used a TV personality as an example of the principles she was teaching. There were no quotes involved, but the article played off of a situation the TV character was in, and then morphed into a How-To piece.

Why do this?

It is intellectually and creatively stimulating for both you and your readers.

It can be intriguing and attention grabbing.

It’s just plain fun.

Will you try this?

If you’re brave and use this template to write your next article, please share a link to your article in the comments so we can be inspired!

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27 Responses to “The “Historical Figure” Article Template”

  1. Bill says:

    This is a great idea to get some ideas to write an article. The proper format to get inspired to write.

  2. Craig F. says:

    I like quoting famous people! In fact it would tickle me to no end if one day I woke up to discover someone had quoted me – and it didn’t get me in trouble…

  3. Ian Jobs says:

    I could not agree more, I love submit your articel and have been using it every month for over 2 years. Keep it going Steve!

  4. mark kaplan says:

    Great angle. I like it. When I have some spare time, I will give it more consideration.

  5. What a creative idea. I’m always looking for quotes to use in my newsletter I use quotes every week. I sometimes even use quotes in my blog. But I never would have thought of using historical quotes to correlate with the revelancy of today.
    The key is being revelant. I have seen some quotes used that takes a wide stetch of the imagination as to why the quote was used in the context presented.
    Thanks for the idea.

  6. Ardell Nagle says:

    Here is an idea that I hadn’t thought of, you are right it would add more interest in an article that it is written. I receive everyday what is called Motivation in a Minute it is quotes from Presidents, and many more historical figures. I suggest anyone who is writing articles out to check it out. I have used some of the quotes that I have read in a few of my articles and it has gave me a few ideas along the way. But using a template to attract attention to an article is a great idea.

  7. Rob Schmidt says:

    Great format coupled with great advice to make the bloggers life just a little easier. Now just to find the river Mark Twain travelled down to muse the future.

  8. I use quotes all the time. They are inspirational and I find my readers really enjoy them. Sometimes the quote, either motivational or inspiring, is what someone else really needed to hear that day.

  9. Stacey mayo says:

    Great article. Have done this on occassion when inspiration such as during Olympics, etc.

  10. Dave B says:

    Wow! I love the suggestion of the brainy quotes. Everyone loves meaningful qoutes. Shows our education for good things. Thanks for the tips. I love it.

  11. Doug J. Hall says:

    I must be fortunate as i don’t have a problem with writing the same old thing in different ways i actually have to many subjects to write about lol

  12. Norman Macey says:

    GReat idea Steve, certainly worth consideration.

  13. Kathy says:

    Hi: I’d like to use this to send to my list, but don’t know how to connect the page with my affiliate link – of course, my affiliate link goes to the home page. Thanks for helping and showing me how this can be done – great idea! Kathy

  14. Very clever I will certainly try it soon.

  15. Michelle says:

    This is a stunning idea. It really helps to get you thinking out of the box.

  16. Maria says:

    What a terrific idea! I have used quotes in the past as inspiration for an article, but this takes it one stage further, perhaps even dragging the character into the 21st century and imagining the character’s response to a given scenario. I love it and can’t wait to implement it!

  17. Curt says:

    Thanks for the eye opener. I can see how this creative exercise can make one’s writing more interesting while setting you apart from other article publishers.

  18. Ernetine says:

    That is an waesome idea, it will stimulate creativity beyond words.

  19. WoW just might be able to get a funny AN educational article out there using comedians.

  20. Michael says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is a great article. I’ve been a member now for about a month and I haven’t submitted any articles yet because I’ve been stumped for ideas and a bit of honesty just plain lazy to sit down. These two poinys have conspired against me for a while but after reading this it’s really inspired me to sit down and get down to it. I was thinking of combining a sitcom character with my niche. Thanks for the idea anyway!

  21. It’s just really nice to be offered such a unique and interesting “twist” on what is normally quite a “mundain” task … really! Thanks a lot for this “Offering!” I will enjoy trying it out soon.

  22. Trish says:

    Good idea. Catchy. I’ll try it.

  23. jeff says:

    Thought provoking way to interest readers and a good way to ‘up the ante’

  24. Vivek says:

    The ideas, template is really novel and inspiring can make a big difference.

  25. Good idea especially for us bloggers. Should work wonders as time goes on.

    Thanks for the tip!

  26. Julie Austin says:

    Just when I was getting stuck I read this. Great idea!

  27. Khairul Azan says:

    This is great. For years I’ve been thinking how the copyblogger did this. But now I know for sure.

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