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The “Principle-Story” Article Template
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Story time...

Story time...

I think everyone can pretty much agree that writing articles is far easier when someone tells you what to write about or tells you how to write about your topic.

This is why I’ve enjoyed coming up with article templates for you to use, and I’m always on the lookout for good ones that I think will help you with your writing.

Well, I’ve got another one to share with you–this one is actually not one of mine, but of Joe Vitale.

He has an article called The Easiest Way To Write Anything, and as I was looking back over it the other day, I realized that he’s really got a very easy to execute and fool proof article template that can work for anyone in any niche.

His two basic steps are:

  1. State your principle, truth or main point you’d like to cover.
  2. Illustrate that principle, truth or main point with a 3 stories or quotes.

Joe has already written about this technique, so I will just leave it to you to read his detailed article.

I will definitely be playing around with this article template and hope it is also useful to you.

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