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The 3 Reasons Why Writing An Article Series Can Simplify Your Life
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I know, I've been beating you over the head recently about not putting Part 1, Part 2, etc in your titles and how your titles shouldn't scream "article series!!!!", but the obvious question is… 

If I can't tell readers outright that an article is part of a series, and if it's not a given that all the articles in my series will be read by any one viewer, then what's the point of doing an article series?

That's a great question, and by now you've probably grasped that doing an article series is more for your benefit than for a reader who finds your articles. After all, it is not a given that someone who reads one of the articles in your series will read or come into contact with all the other parts. 

I LOVE to work in series but not because I think I can lure readers into reading 7 articles rather than just one. The main reason I like to do article series is that it just plain makes the writing easier on me and gives me compounded results for my initial efforts.  

Here are the big 3 reasons why writing in a series simplifies my life: 

1) Planning out a series is a great organizational strategy.

The last time I did an article series, I had my topics listed out on the dry-erase board next to my desk, and each writing session I would just pick one of my topics to write about. It was no-brainer and totally cut out the "what should I write about this time?" blues.

2) Doing an article series is great motivation.

It's like starting a ball rolling at the top of a hill–you may have to exert some extra energy at the beginning to get the ball rolling, but that first burst of energy can carry you to the bottom of the hill with relatively little effort.

If you take the time to plan your series and write your first article, you have gotten your ball in motion, and it makes it much easier to do each subsequent article after that.

You also get a great sense of accomplishment as you complete each article–there is a finish line in sight that you're shooting for, and every step closer to that line just spurs you on more and more.

3) You can kill multiple marketing birds with one stone.

You can get more bang from your article writing buck, because you can create multiple uses for the "themed" content you've created.

If you've written an article series, you have several pieces of content on a specific theme. Why not take that content and make it into an e-book that you offer on your website as a free download?

And why not use that special free gift to lure readers from your article resource box to your website? Now that's a reason for a reader to click through!

Another perk to writing an article series is that it can be a major time saver. I know a really cool trick that allows you to turn one basic article into an entire article series–we'll talk about how to pull off that feat next time!

For now though– Do any of you like to write articles in a series, and if so, why? 

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5 Responses to “The 3 Reasons Why Writing An Article Series Can Simplify Your Life”

  1. jerry lewis says:

    I am new at this article writing but so far have posted,or will have by tomorrow, 2 on your site. I am writing about the importance of attraction marketing is to seniors. This article made me realize that after the two I have writen, I probable have enough information to create one,two or more on the same subject. Thank you…Jerry

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yes, it really helps to get in the habit of thinking of our topics from multiple angles, because we always need to be coming up with new article ideas. It’s a little bit like having your own magazine–each month you will come up with educational articles on your niche. Creative thinking helps! :-)

  3. Kaye Dennan says:

    Steve, this has been a great help to keep motivated, as you say. You can pick one topic and expand it laterally in so many different ways. I have found article marketing in the past as coming up with a new topic every time, but this way you only have to come up with a ‘mini’ topic each time.

    A great strategy to take the pain out of article marketing and blogging as well.

  4. Pat Gunning says:

    These same articles can also double as you auto responder series for an opt-in list. Great essay Steve!

    p.s. Don’t forget video!

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