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To Tweet, or Not To Tweet?
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I may know a thing or two about article marketing, but I’m a Twittering novice, holding back on joining (until the end of last week) for fear it might lead me to start finding Not Useful Things to do, at the expense of Useful Things to do (which I tend to focus on more often, mmm…)

But I’m interested in your experience of Twitter … for example:

1. If you Tweet, how often?

2. How have you found it beneficial to your business?

3. What’s your #1 Twittering Tip?

4. What would you like to see from that would help your twittering activities?

Don’t email your answers in, but leave your comments below, that way more people get to benefit from your Twitter experience.

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73 Responses to “To Tweet, or Not To Tweet?”

  1. 1. I tweet each day morning & afternoon, unless i’m outraged
    at the O and than its more..!

    2. I believe there are very talented professionals on Twitter,
    and some of their tips and suggestions have been very helpful.

    3. It cannot be all about yourself and your business, remember
    Twitter is a community of professionals that can benefit
    from your knowledge.

    4. SEO simple guidelines for submitting articles,such as
    the tips in this blog.

  2. Ryleigh says:

    I use twitter but unfortunately it doesn’t differ much from free classifieds in my humble opinion.
    For most people it is likely a waste of time but for some with large enogh followers there is I suppose a return oriented system.

    I get little to no value from using it myself.

  3. Debra says:

    I’ve used Twitter consistently, but it doesn’t seem to bring in any business for me.

  4. Tim says:

    Twitter has two benifits for my website.

    I twitter my blog as an RS feed and I twitter all the posts using spnbabble. This creates lots of extra links to my site. This numbers matter approach has helped force my site onto the front page of google against a competion spending tens of thousands at the problem. The reason it works is the twitter posints to a revlenat article on my blog.

    The second benifit is the virtual network. Followers – people who want your tweets on their feed should become followed unless they are number chasers. This creates a network that points to your site.

    There is a third approach. That is to use it as a public diary. This adds interest but not much else. Use it if you wnat to create extra tweets. It is not the be all and end all. Some people have over 100000 tweets. Your thrity or fifty wont even be noticed

  5. How often: Spend about 30 minutes per day on twitter and get a reasonable return in subscribers.

    Business Benefit: started trying to promote affiliate products but didn’t get much success. Now moved onto promoting my blogs mailing list with reasonable results.

    Tip: tweet often, try to help others and don’t just tweet your business.

    Adrian Key
    Editor of the AdWords Adviser, making AdWords more profitable for you.

  6. Sorry, nearly forgot:

    What can SubmitYourArticle offer: how about a means of tweating your article title with a link to where it can be read a few times whilst it is being distributed.

  7. Wendy Owen says:

    I’m a lazy twitterer I have something called “tweet my blog” which sends a message each time I make a post. Apart from that I don’t do much except follow those that are following me.
    Truth be told I think it’s a bit of a pain & I can’t really see the value in it.

  8. stubsy says:

    I post on twitter most day, it doesn’t get me much traffic. Not sure about the SEO benefits but my profile page has a high pr.

    Think its important not to follow too many people otherwise you just get too much and miss any interesting tweets

  9. Peta says:

    I start with Twitter about 6 months ago, and was totally confused, log on was a problem, as I appeared to have two accounts, and they popped up indiscriminately, sorted that by cancelling both and staring again. Worked the third time.
    Only have a few followers and only follow people that I find interesting or useful.
    I seem to remember that Twitter was designed to be a means of communicating your thoughts, ideas & current actions to your friends or the world, but from my experience [limited] it is mainly a Sales Vehicle. But then I will agree that I am targeting that market , and have not looked up our Prime Minister, the Pope or the Queens household – UM! they could be interesting.
    So the answer to your query, you will make Twitter as interesting, or boring as you wish, choose the people you Follow carefully, I was following a 13 year, the spelling and language [or lack of it] alerted me, and I ‘unfollowed’ her, another awful word.
    You can place links to businesses quickly, though the riches that some sites promise if you do this DO NOT happen, I think the people are just posting their links, and like me hoping someone will click occasionally.
    As a social site, in my opinion why bother, unless you are SO important your every word is world shattering, I can see the point for pollies, and rock stars, after all their presence on the wolrd stage is
    their livelihood.
    I am going to continue using, and to continue to learn more about Twitter, like all new things we have all work out the glitches and errors in our usage of the technology


  10. Bernie says:

    But I’m interested in your experience of Twitter … for example:

    1. If you Tweet, how often?

    I tweet at least once per day, maybe more.

    2. How have you found it beneficial to your business?

    I’m starting to find it quite beneficial to getting targeted visitors to read articles and information of interest to them. Direct selling on Twitter does not work and loses followers.

    The trick is to build a targeted group of followers, then provide them with useful information and get them to visit you.

    I’m still working on making it work better for me.

    3. What’s your #1 Twittering Tip?

    Be an informer, not a seller, think of your audience and then target them with useful information.

    Be careful direct selling, it does not work well and you lose followers (I guess it’s seen like spamming).

    Send tweets at different times per day to catch everybody on your list because some people are asleep and you tweet falls off their page quickly.

    I use it for article syndication and I get my writers at our article directory to also send tweets to their articles. This works very well and provides a lot more readers quickly (depending on the size of your list). This is now being built in and will be available as a service soon to spice up the article marketing funnel.

  11. denny hagel says:

    I dove into twitter when I first started my company about a year ago…had no idea what I was doing but just kept plugging. I soon learned that twitter is a wonderful place to get exposure and to make contacts. The key is to then move those contacts to Face Book where you can establish and build a more personal relationship…Face Book is where you can really interact and promote yourself and your product or message. For me, twitter is the platform to meet & Face Book is where you can effectively market.

  12. David says:

    From what I have heard and read it appears to be a great way to waste time.

  13. Michael says:


    I usually tweet about 3/4 times a week. I believe it can really increase traffic and get your message out there. Some might call this slow, but i prefer natural as opposed to software growing of followers.In a few short months I have now over 615 followers all in the niche I’m promoting.

    The principles of attracting a following is the same as article marketing or anything else we do. That is; Does what you have to say provide value/benefit/encouragement of some sort? Is it interesting or do your tweets blatantly sell?

    What I have found works for me is that I follow the 75/25 rule. Provide value/benefit/encouragement 75% and 25% of your tweets should be about your niche. My thinking is try not to be a twit at twitter :)

    I have a How to maximise your time at twitter ebook if anyone’s interested. It’s free and no gimmicks. Just contact me at and I’ll send it to you. Thanks.

  14. kel says:

    I agree with you steve,i also find it annoying and irritating for some reason.

  15. K9 Coach says:

    I twitter once or twice a day usually. It does bring me traffic but I’ve studied it a bit.

    It’s a great medium to practice writing “compelling headlines”.

    It’s important not to put a link directly to something for people to buy or your blog or website every single time. Pictures of something funny or something you are doing make it interesting to people. The goal is to build followers just the way you would for articles or your blog.

    Creativity gets clicks. It creates valuable back links to your website or blog.

  16. Webgirl says:

    I have a Twitter account just to say I have a Twitter account. At first, I tried to get “followers” who are authors, writers, article writers, bloggers or who just have a marketing website. I carefully selected my “followers.” Some were kind enough to “follow” me back.

    After a while, you get to realize that a great deal of their tweets are more like advertisements than helpful tips or suggestions. Then you get “followed” by spammers, who somehow think you’re bait.

    Finally, it takes a lot of out of your day or night time hours to monitor your Twitter account. Hours and hours. I once raised the question: what was the point of having so many followers, when you’re not able to keep up with everyone’s tweets? Furthermore, one of your thousands of “followers” could say something important, like opening a new blog, or publishing an article, and who’s paying attention, if you’re just one of thousands in any given twitterer’s account?


  17. Mark Cameron says:

    I have found Twitter to be extremely valuable particularly when combined with article writing.

    I find that if I contact some of my more connected followers directly when I publish a new article they tend to tweet it out and I get far better coverage.

    This strategy has directly led to my company picking up at least 5 new clients via Twitter conversations.

    The thing with Twitter is not how often you tweet but the quality of what you say and how you interact.

    Devise a Twitter strategy and stick to it is my advise.

  18. 1. If you Tweet, how often?

    A couple of times a week for ourselves and numerous times a day for our clients.

    2. How have you found it beneficial to your business?

    It is excellent for integrating into other social media platforms and for building into website to provide a simple and easy to use method for updating your news and offers etcetera.

    3. What’s your #1 Twittering Tip?

    When you start out follow your competitors or companies in the same sector to learn best practice and get involved in discussions with your community. Always try to view social media as a tool to collaborate and build relationships rather than purely to try and sell.

    4. What would you like to see from that would help your twittering activities?

    Info on effective headlines and concise writing as with twitter you only have a handful of characters to get the message out!

  19. Gail says:

    I have used Twitter for a few months now and much prefer it to Facebook.I tweet once daily usually with several tweets that provide information and a link back to my site, a related article,articles I have written, any other things such as Squidoo lens, Hub Pages etc

    I vet my followers having joined an automated system…there are several different ones.I am only interested in following those who have something of interest generally related to travel since I have two travel sites.

    Nor am I interested in those telling me what they had for lunch or making other inane comments.

    My followers list and following list has grown slowly and steadily and I have found it a great way to be in contact with others of like mind and leads to more qualified traffic.

    I try to do a mix of retweets, information on events and my own sites each day.

  20. Elda Titus says:

    I have been using twitter for several months.. and try to tweet interesting information about my products two to three times a day. Some of my tweets have made it on google. It’s too early to tell how much it has helped my business. I think all social marketing helps.

  21. VigaPlus says:

    Any information would be useful.

    At least for me – a twitter newbie.

    So please just write anything you consider interesting – and I will read it.


  22. Kathy says:

    Hi Steve,
    I do use Twitter (@kathy1959), but NOT just for marketing (although I did just “tweet” someone my Submit Your Articles link since he was asking for ways to get traffic to his site).

    I think that people who do nothing but “tweet” their business opps or websites are a wee bit uninteresting, and it seems to be too much like spam in a way.

    What I do is I genuinely read a bunch of tweets, and when I find something that someone has tweeted that’s interesting, I’ll respond to it – get a little more “relationship” than sales personality going. I know this builds credibility.

    Of course, I’ll toss in a plug for an article I’ve written, or a Squidoo lens I’ve just updated, or even a link to one of my websites sometimes. But, I truly believe you need to be “real.”

    I’ve actually had a few people comment on my tweets in a nice way, such as “Real Person w/ Real Tweets” which I find as a compliment.

    I have experimented with a few things, such as noticing how many hits an article or my website has received, then I’ll Tweet something about it. Interestingly, it DOES seem to help get a little traffic to it. So, that can’t hurt.

    Just my thoughts! :) Kath
    PS: I did just follow you, too. You can follow me as well if you want to see what I mean (But I’m not on there every single day…) My name on Twitter is @kathy1959.

  23. Kathy says:

    One more thing! Update! In that example I just gave you, where I tweeted my Submit Your Article link… Well, since tweeting that, I’ve had at least 21 additional “unique visitors” to my affiliate link.

    But, while I was tweeting all that, I was also answering a question and sharing some tips that he asked for.

    That’s how I feel this can work to one’s benefit. Again, it’s critical to me that I don’t come off as a sales person or spammer.

    Hope that helps! :)

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