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Top 25 Article Topic Ideas
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25-article-topicsAre you stumped for what to write about?

Don’t fret–We all are at some time or another.

No matter how long you’ve been writing there are always times when the creative well is just bone dry, and you need a little jump start.

Well, here it comes:

I’ve assembled 25 of my favourite and most effective article topic ideas and article topic idea stimulators. I hope these are helpful to you!

Let’s get started…

1) Use one of our free article writing templates (that’s actually several article topic ideas right there!)

2) Adapt content from your blog to create articles.

3) Write for newbies and more advanced readers–you can cover the same topic in two different articles geared towards groups with different knowledge levels.

4) Use customer frequently asked questions as the basis for an article.

5) Use a keyword suggestion tool, such as WordTracker, to see what keywords your target readers are typing into search engines. Then write articles to satisfy those searches.

6) Look a the search stats for your website–what search terms are people typing into Google to reach your site? Create content to satisfy those searches.

7) Get inspiration from magazines covers. Which titles jump out at you and make you say, “That looks like it would be a good article–I want to read that!”? Many times you can bounce an article off of a title you see on a magazine cover. Can you convert that title to apply to something in your specific niche? Remember just use the title, rather than the entire article. Your content needs to be your own, so might be a good idea not to read the article.

8 ) Use template titles and fill in the blanks. Here are some of mine:

* 10 Great Reasons Why ____
* How To ____ in 7 Easy Steps
* 3 Secret Tricks For _____
* 9 Surefire Ways To ____
* How To Conquer ______
* The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When ____
* Reader Question: “[insert question here]”

9) Have an open classroom–teach, teach, teach!

10) Look at forums, blogs, newsletters in your niche for insight into hot topics that your target readers would serve your target readers.

11) Google Alerts- set one up for each of your keywords, then scan the titles to see what are popular topics in that niche. Again, the idea is to glean article ideas, so look at the article titles rather than the entire article or post.

12) Ask yourself: “If I was a member of my target market but wasn’t really sure what was up from down with the very basics, what sorts of questions might be floating through my brain?”

13) Ask yourself: “What information can I provide that would build the skill of someone with an intermediate knowledge level?”

14) Write a “what are the benefits?” article. For example, you have a niche that you would like people to be more interested in, so it is helpful to readers to tell them right out front what the benefits are–why should they be interested in your niche? If your niche is Article Marketing, you would do an article called “Is Article Marketing For You?” or “5 Top Reasons Why People Do Article Marketing”.

15) Solicit questions from your readers/subscribers. If you have a blog associated with your website, then I encourage you to routinely ask your readers what they want to be seeing on your blog. Because your blog is on the same topic as your website, any suggestions can be used as both article and blog post topics. This works the same for anyone who has a newsletter list–ask your subscribers what types of content they’d like to receive, and then write articles to satisfy those requests.

16) Read blogs in your niche, and look for posts that have tons of comments. That is a great way to identify a hot topic with your target market.

17) Dig deeper: Look at your previous 5 articles, and figure out a way to explore each of those topics on a deeper level.

For example, I wrote this post (later turned into an article) called How To Get Out Of A Writing Slump and realized that several of the topics included in that post/article were worthy of articles of their own. I ended up making 4 additional articles off of that one original post (here, here, here, and here). I also have some more article ideas from that one post that I haven’t written yet.

The good news: It is not always necessary to come up with brand new article ideas–sometimes you can use the same topics, but just go deeper.

18) Go wider: as an expert in your niche you can cover your topic from many angles. When you go deeper you cover a smaller topic more in depth–by going wider, you would have an article that covered a wider spectrum of information (but was less in depth). With your articles, you can dig deeper, go wider, or hang out some where in between.

19) Setting out to write a particular type of article, such as a ‘How To’ or a list article can really help stimulate ideas.

20) Get article ideas from your own website.

21) Have you written an e-book on your topic? Use the table of contents as an article ideas list.

22) Look through your newsletter messages that you’ve sent out to your list. You must be sending your readers something–you can re-use that content by adapting it to be an article.

23) Have you done any audio interviews? You can use the questions and answers from that interview to create one or more articles.

24) Got any elaborate customer support replies? Sometimes you’ll get a customer question that is a perfect opportunity to teach an important technique, principle, or skill. You can use your reply as the basis for an article.

25) Have you created any detailed forum replies or blog comments? I’ve sometimes created blog comments that I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty good–that might be worthy of a post on my own blog or an article.” You can use your blog comments and forum responses to come up with article ideas.

Does that help any? I hope so!

Do you have any article topic ideas to add?

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15 Responses to “Top 25 Article Topic Ideas”

  1. Great article — follow just some of the advice in this article and 100 articles a year will prove easy. I have found that the more articles I write, the easier it is to write new articles

  2. In order to feed your readers with useful content, you need to be fed with nutritious foodstuff yourself first. So, the more you read, the more you write.

    The next point is the use of Twitter “Trending Topics” which gives you an idea about what’s hot and talked about. You can pick one of those issues and write about it.

    Also, you cam go to the specialized social sites or special communities within them and see what’s being discussed more than other topics. Pick it up and write about it from your own perspective. Add your ideas on it and ask for feedback and comment!

  3. Excellent list of ideas for article creation. Thanks.

  4. Stew Kelly says:

    I found the points about seeing what others are saying, and taking the feedback you get, will get the creative ideas going. Then it’s time to take the next step…and sit down and write.

  5. good tips i have also had good sucess with the following title, just fill a keyword in to the blank

    “How To_____ The Right Way”

    It is simple but surprisingly effective for me

  6. Hi Steve.

    Just a note to thank you for the information
    you provide.

    Being a relative newbie to “online” writing
    I soak up your knowledge and tips, and look
    forward to your next posting.



  7. John Bonzo says:


    Articles can be great fun to produce or they can be a nightmare. Your suggestions should really help.

    The great thing about writing articles is that as you gain more experience the time spent with writing blocks decreases. I promise all that read this, there will come a time that you will have more problems choosing what to write than trying to think of something to put down! Writing blocks will become a thing of the past.


  8. I browse forums regularly to find article topics. Every once in a while I go to and look at book titles.

  9. Paul Gold says:

    Great advice that gets you thinking and that’s what you want!!

  10. Michael says:

    Thanks Steve,

    Great Article…I always find it difficult to start so these are great tips to get the old noggin whirring again. Thanks.

  11. Deb Lamb says:

    This list is very helpful, thank you!

    Even though I can come up with many things to write about, sometimes I would like to offer something unique, or put a different spin on something that I have already written and this list you have provided will help me to do just that!

    I especially liked #14. In a lot of cases people don’t realize what their benefits may be and I think this is an area I can improve in.

    Thanks so much, very helpful!

    Deb Lamb :)
    Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant

  12. dave says:

    An Excellent article, lots of people get stuck when it comes to topics or titles. I like this idea:

    8 ) Use template titles and fill in the blanks. Here are some of mine:

    * 10 Great Reasons Why ____
    * How To ____ in 7 Easy Steps
    * 3 Secret Tricks For _____
    * 9 Surefire Ways To ____
    * How To Conquer ______
    * The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When ____
    * Reader Question: “[insert question here]”

  13. Great Tips !
    I’m onto it for last one year and searching for some real tips and your page really did it for me. Will catch you again !


  14. JOHN WRIGHT says:


  15. The 5th Tip – Using keyword tools to evoke SEO-friendly ideas for creating articles is the killer & proven concept to generate article ideas that would interest the target-audience.

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