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What Are Links and How Do You Get Them?
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Island-websiteMaybe you know that doing article marketing is beneficial for your website and that somehow it’s supposed to bring in more visitors to your website, but you’re not sure exactly how that works or what all this talk about “links” is about.

Recently I received this question from an interested newcomer:

“Could you explain links and backlinks please (very simply!) I don’t really understand what they are or how to do them.”

That is perfectly fine–obviously it is possible to do article marketing without understanding all the technical information behind it, but when you start to feel comfortable with the basics, you’ll be ready to dig a little deeper into the technical side.

I’ll try to explain this as simply as possible using non-technical language. Here goes:

When you start a brand new website, it’s like it’s a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. You’re just sort of sitting there–your website can be beautiful, with lots of helpful information and everything a reader could ever dream of, but you’re just sort of isolated.

Your goal is to populate your island–make it into an attraction that people from other areas will want to visit. You do this by creating attractions on the island itself (the website), but you also have to figure out a way to get people from the outside transported to your island.

Marketing Your Island (Website)

First, you need to let people know that you’re there–obviously if it’s just an isolated island, people may not even know that you’re there or that you have anything of interest going on.

You need to get the word out about where your island is located, what you have to offer there, and why people should go there. This is where marketing comes in.

Transportation To Your Island (Website)

You also need to offer a means of transportation to get to your island.


Links are like bridges connecting one web page to another.

What you need to do is start developing some pathways or bridges for people to get to your island.

You need to somehow get connected to other islands (other websites–we’re still on the island metaphor–go with me on this!)

Now remember–that island is like your website. In order to get visitors to your website, here are the steps:

1) Create a website that has “attractions”, like that island. This would be content that would be interesting to your target readers. After all, you must have something to offer at your website in order to make it of interest to readers/customers.

2) Get the word out about your website–it may be the best website ever, but if you don’t publicize that it’s there, then you will be sitting all by yourself twiddling your thumbs. To accomplish this, you would market your website. Marketing a website is one of the many things that Article Marketing accomplishes.

3) You also need to create means of transportation of getting to your website. This is where links come in. Article marketing creates those links.

A link is like a bridge from one location on the internet to another.

Here is an example of a basic link:

If you click that link, you will be taken from this page on the blog Creative Article Marketing to the website. You can think of that link as an easy means of transportation from one place on the internet to another.

How does Article Marketing create links?

When you’re submitting articles, you will include a resource box, which has a short author bio, a reason to visit your website, and a link to your website.

That link is very valuable–it is a bridge to your website from a site that has readers that are likely interested in your topic. The more bridges you have to your website, the more opportunity for visitors.

Other terms you may commonly hear are backlink (this is a link to your website) or incoming link (another name for a link coming into your website).

A link is also like a vote for your website.

A backlink is like a "vote" for your website.

A backlink is like a "vote" for your website.

What? Why do you need votes for your website?

The major source of potential traffic to a website comes from search engines, such as Google.

For our purposes here, I would like to liken Google to a phone book.

Remember back in the olden days before the internet when an essential form of advertising for a business was the phone book?

Before the advent of the internet, when people wanted to find a business they would look through their local phone book. There you could find all the businesses categorized by topic. Then under each topic, each business was listed in alphabetical order.

The businesses that were listed at the top for each topic had a better chance of getting more customers. Why?

Because when people are looking for help, they would much rather go with the first on the list than randomly pick one that is in the middle or bottom of the list. The first listing in the phone book has a distinct advantage in gaining new customers.

Google is like a modern day phone book.

Hardly anyone uses the phone book any more.

Google is like a modern day phone book.

The big difference between Google and the phone book though, is that entries under topics are not listed in alphabetical order in Google.

When a person Googles the terms “Plumbers Nova Scotia”, the list of results will be in order with the ones that Google thinks have the best chance of providing what the searcher is searching for at the top.

Google’s (and every other search engine’s) aim is to provide a list of results that ranks the websites that are the most likely to satisfy the searcher at the top.

How does Google determine which site is the most authoritative and most likely to give the searcher what they want?

There are many elements that go into that calculation which Google will never reveal, but we do know that a major element in deciding where a website comes up in search results is links.

In Google’s eyes, the links that are coming into your website are very revealing–Google interprets links to your website as an indication of how “important” your website is.

Each link to your website is like a vote for your website.

Google looks not only at the quantity of “votes” that your site receives, but also at the quality. It likes to see “votes” (links) coming from websites that are on the same or related topics. It also places more importance on “votes” coming from powerful websites, although this does not mean that there is no value to a vote from a smaller website.

Google also likes variety–For example, it is better to have 100 votes (links) from 100 different websites than 100 links from the same website.

How do I get links?

Very simple: Do Article Marketing.

=> Write articles on the topic of your website.

=> Submit articles monthly (8 articles per website per month is sufficient)

=> Do this for the lifetime of your website and you will have a consistently growing site.

This is links explained in a nutshell–I hope this helped!

Photo credits:
Island photo by PhillipC
Bridge photo by Al HikesAZ
I Vote? photo by Kenn Wilson
Phone book photo by How can I recycle this

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