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What Are Your Article Stats Trying to Tell You?
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Recently at we made it so that members can now see stats for all their articles on a single page, rather than having to click to see stats on your articles individually.

In the members area, just click on Article Manager > Article Statistics on the menu:

article marketing

And then this is an example of what the article stats page looks like:

article submissions

It's basically all the info that we were providing before, but now you get to see it all neatly collected on one page so you can get a better feel for how your articles are doing overall on our own article directory.

This type of information is really useful for a number of reasons, even more so once you've been with us for a number of months:

1. You can see how your stats build up over time.

Essentially, your articles continue to be viewed well after you've distributed them. Write a good article once, and you'll continue to benefit from it for a very long time.

This is one of the reasons why I stress the importance of investing time and effort into writing quality articles–you're not just sending an article out to do one big batch of one-time link gathering. 

Instead, think of your article as a marketing representative that's going out into the big wide world of the internet, constantly circulating and meeting new people. If your article is well written and strikes a cord with your target market, your article will continue to be of value to your target market for a long time to come.

By exerting some extra effort on the front end by creating a quality article, you can continue to reap the rewards for the lifetime of your website. 

2. Now this is REALLY useful – you can see which of your articles were most attractive in terms of attracting the most views, and use this information to help you write articles in the future.

For example, for my own articles, comparing a couple of articles with very close distribution dates, one of them has achieved over 60,000 views so far, the other hasn't even achieved 1500 views yet.

I've got others with 30,000+ views showing, and some published a whole year previously still in the 1000-2000 views range.

What's the difference? The articles with the higher number of views tended to either:

  • Focus on keyword terms where there was demand in the search engines, or;
  • Where the article title in someway encourages potential readers to click through and read the article.

Here's a thought:

Using these 2 tips alone for your articles in 2009 could radically transform your article marketing success during the course of the year!  

3. The stats you see are *only* for our own article directory, but what you see on our site gives you some indication of how your articles may be doing on other sites as well.

Think of it in terms of all those other article directories where your articles are placed. Talk about multiplying the benefits!

And if you've only 'played' with article marketing before, but not really treated it as a serious marketing strategy for your business, hopefully this will serve as some illustration for you.

The Article Marketing Butterfly Effect

For example, an article I distributed about a month ago has so far had around 100 views. Not bad, some achieve more, some achieve less. But that's the whole point of having a consistent article marketing campaign, where you distribute a few each and every month.

Multiply that by 12, allowing for the fact that the view rate will be higher when the article is first distributed, and over the course of a year, I'd expect this to be at around 1000 views.

Multiply that by say just 10 other popular article directories, and that's 10,000 views in a year – just for a single article.

Now, if you multiply that by 8 articles a month – or even 2, 3 or 4 – over the course of the year, and the numbers get silly (and I'm no mathematician, so I won't try, but I suspect the word 'compounded' would get used a bit ;-) ) – and this is where the click-throughs and traffic growth to your site comes from, when you implement a consistent article marketing campaign.

This also illustrates why those who submit just one or two articles, and then give up and hold their hands up to complain article marketing 'doesn't work' – usually because they "haven't seen any traffic growth" – are not only in no position to make such a judgement, but I would also suspect they would go on to achieve very little until they place at least some value in consistency, persistence, and faith in tried and tested online marketing techniques.  

So, consistency is key!

Over the next year, I would really encourage to you treat your article marketing as an ongoing campaign that you do every month, something that is an integral part of your marketing plan for your business, and use the stats page we provide to help you take things up a few notches. 

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

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