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What is the best way to write articles to drive traffic back to my product website?
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That is a fabulous question, and one thing I've noticed is that people who are using article marketing to promote their product based websites encounter certain unique challenges in writing the types of non-promotional articles that quality publishes are looking for.  

First off, let's clarify what a "product based website" is.

A product based website is any website that is used primarily to sell particular pieces of merchandise. For example, let's say your website is a sales site devoted to baby clothes. That is a product based website. So is a website that is all product information and sales pages for particular brands of vitamins, or watches, or gourmet chocolates or umbrellas. 

You get the idea–if you're using article marketing to try to drive traffic back to a website that is sales oriented and that is comprised of product information and actual sales pages ("Click here to buy such and such!"), then you have yourself a product based website, and you have to be creative when writing articles to use for article marketing.

Why does having a product based website create unique challenges for a writer?

Well, there is something in us that thinks, "Hey, this is a no-brainer. If my website is trying to sell Brand XYZ of chocolate, then naturally I should write articles trying to tell people why they should buy Brand XYZ of chocolate, right?"

Nope. That is not the way it works. Do you know why?

Because when we're doing article marketing, we need to balance:

1) what will bring value to our target readers with

2) what quality publishers want to publish

You see, you can write as many articles about your own products as you like and submit them to as many publishers as you like, but if a publisher has a policy that they only publish educational articles (and this is the way most quality publishers work) and that they will not publish articles that are promotional (i.e. articles that look to be written specifically to promote the author's own products, website, affiliate products or business), then all of your work will be for naught.  

Your articles should be informational/educational only, and your resource box (the author bio area underneath the article) only can be used to link to and provide information about your site. 

So what are you supposed to do if you can't write about your products in your article body?

How can a writer who has a product based website write articles that will be welcomed by quality publishers, bring value to his target market, and inspire readers to click through to his website? 

Sounds like a tall order, but it can be done my friend, with a little creativity.

Let's go back to our fictional website owner whose site is sales pages for Brand XYZ of gourmet chocolate. She knows she can't write about the gourmet chocolate she's selling at her website–that would be a no-no. What should she write about for her article marketing campaign? Hmmm… 

Here are some ideas (and I'm putting these ideas in the form of article titles):

  • "5 Ways You Can Tell If The Chocolate You're Eating Is High Quality"
  • "What is the difference between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Semi-sweet Chocolate?"
  • "The Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate"
  • "3 Restaurant Inspired Chocolate Dessert Recipes Made From Chocolate Bars"
  • "The History Of Chocolate"
  • "Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?"

I could go on and on brainstorming topics for articles that will be of interest to our chocolate bar sales person's target market, make readers in the mood to buy chocolate, and that will also be seen as educational and valuable from a publisher's perspective.

Now, it goes without saying that as the owner of this gourmet chocolate website is writing the above articles that she cannot mention her own business, website, products or affiliate products within her article. She cannot allude to or make reference to XYZ brand of chocolates in any way, shape, or fashion in her article.

She knows that her well crafted resource box (rather than her article) is the appropriate place to talk about herself, her business, and her website. 

Like every website owner that is using article marketing as part of their marketing campaign, she has had to take off her "I'm a sales person for XYZ Chocolates" hat, and replace it with a more subtle "I'm an expert on chocolate" hat. 

Do you see the difference between presenting yourself as a sales person for a particular product and presenting yourself as an expert in your niche?

Writing as an expert in your niche (whether it be chocolate, vitamins, umbrellas, or baby clothes) has many benefits, and I'm sure once you contemplate these perks you'll never want to write a promotional, advertisement-type article about your own products again!

Writing as an expert is your niche (rather than about the particular product that you're selling) is much more subtle, much more reader and publisher friendly.

Readers looking at articles are not interested in an article that looks like an advertisement for your product. Immediately, once a reader senses that you're trying to sell them something, they put their guard up and lose interest in your article–and that is not what you're going for!

The object when you're creating your article is to:

  1. Come across like you know what you're talking about
  2. Come across as unbiased, like you have nothing to gain from providing the helpful article
  3. Put the reader at ease and heighten their curiosity about whatever your topic is

Yes, this is much more subtle than writing an article that screams, "Buy my product!", but it's also much more effective at accomplishing your goals.

Let's look back at the main reasons why you started article marketing in the first place and how writing as an expert rather than a sales person helps you reach these goals:

  • To build inbound links to your website. The inbound links will improve your search engine ranking, which will then, in turn bring you even more traffic. How do you build inbound links through article marketing? You receive a backlink from every publisher who decides to pick up your article, publish it on his website, and share it with his readers. As we said before, quality publishers want educational articles that are not in any way an advertisement for your products, business or website. When your write as an expert in your niche (rather than as a sales person), you create articles that publishers want to publish, and you increase your inbound links!
  • To get the word out about your website, bringing widespread exposure and an increase in long term targeted traffic. When I say "get the
    word out about your website" I am referring to your well-crafted resource box that sits below your educational, non-promotional article.
  • To establish yourself as experts in your niche. When a reader develops a craving for a high quality chocolate bar after reading your helpful article, who do you think he will turn to for more information? He will likely turn to the person who he has confidence in, the person who has established herself as an expert on the topic. Also, let's say someone is actually interested in your particular product, and he does a Google search of your business name (or your website name, or product name) to do a little background research. Well, if you've been doing article marketing, when they search for your name a list of your articles will come up, and they will get a great idea of your expertise in your field. This builds customer confidence and makes it more likely that they will trust you enough to purchase from you.

So, it's not that owners of product based websites have to write articles differently than owners of service based or information based websites, it's just that product based websites seem to tempt us into writing an article that says "Buy my product!"

It's completely normal if you feel that urge, but RESIST!

To drive traffic to your website with article marketing you need to think creatively, think like an expert in your niche rather than a sales person, and think about providing educational articles that potential customers will value and that quality publishers are seeking.

Questions for you–

Are any of you writing articles to market your product based website? Do you have any special tips for writing non-promotional articles that you've picked up along the way?

Also, if your mind is drawing a blank for article topics that are non-promotional for your product based website, chime in in the comments, let us know the topic of your website, and all of us can try to help you brainstorm!

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

75 Responses to “What is the best way to write articles to drive traffic back to my product website?”

  1. KWilson says:

    Hi steve,
    Im new in writing articles.
    Can you give me some ideas about what to write about my niche?? I read somewhere that it is better not to use programs like Word to write the Articles. Can you advice me what program to use??, Thank you

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  3. Michael says:

    I, by definition have “product based” websites, but whether or not I sell the products is secondary.

    My major income comes from adsense.

    It would seem however, that I still need to promote my products, in order to get traffic and to satisfy Google.

    But is there another way of looking at this?


  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Michael,

    Whether your income comes from Adsense or from direct product sales on your site, when using article marketing to drive traffic the best bet is to write on the general topic of your website rather than on a specific product.

    In most situations the Adsense ads you will get are determined by the content on your site. So if you publish content that is associated with the topic of your website that should work–you will get targeted ads, and there’s no need to pitch products in your articles.

    For example, the website you’ve listed in your comment is about paying off debts–that would be fine to write all your articles on the topic of paying off debts. There is no specific product there, so it’s fine. The content on your site will also be about that same topic, and as a result, you should receive Google ads that are targeted to that topic.

    Always write on the topic of your website, and if your website is about a specific product, then write on the general topic that the website is about (like the example of the chocolate bars in the post here).

    I hope that helps!

  5. Michael says:

    >I hope that helps

    It does, and thanks,


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  7. David says:

    I operate a number of websites, one of which contains articles created by a writer who has an interesting and suitably entertaining writing style. Those articles have brought daily visitors to the website over a period of several years.

    Also, a journalist wrote an article about a website client who operates a tour service in a remote location in Australia, and whenever that article has been published on newspaper websites around the world, visitor numbers to the client’s sites increase substantially (up to 15 times the normal daily average). So I am aware from these experiences that well written articles can have a substantial and ongoing impact on the number of visitors accessing a website.

    As a website operator, I am always looking for content and am open to publishing well written articles on a travel related website that is already well indexed by Google and which would benefit from displaying more such articles.

    I have previously also published relevant photographs obtained from selected photographers on selected website pages in exchange for a credit to the photographer and a link back to the photographer’s own website. That arrangement has benfited both parties and has also provided visitors with access to relevant photographs of locations. Google have then indexed those photographs and from that indexing send visitors to the websites on a daily basis.

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi David,

    Yes, high quality content can definitely help a website owner attract readers. David, we do offer Travel articles, and if you’d like to join our publisher network, you can do so here:

    Just let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be sending you an email to follow up on your question here.

  9. Felicity says:

    Hi, Steve – since you are an expert in article marketing, i would just like to ask – how many articles can a writer write in a day assuming that the case is like what you guys are discussing – submitting articles to article directories or ezine directories for purposes of backlinks?

    I would love to hear your inputs on this.

    Thanks a lot. :-)

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Felicity–It depends on the writer and what they are writing about and the length of their articles as to how many articles they can (or want to) write in a day.

    But as far as what I recommend–if you are submitting through an automatic article distribution service like, there is no need to exceed 8 articles a month per website.

    I hope that helps!

  11. Ed says:

    Hi Steve

    My issue lies with consistancy i understand the concept of using this to built trust and rapport and backlinks, but what i don`t understand is how do you keep the momemtum going..

    Surely at some point in the future you will run dry on ways of writing about the same subject , so in essence you can`t write anymore?

    Another issue i have along these lines is my website is product based, how to sell skincare products on eBay!

    Now at some point i will create another product that i will market via Article Marketing, so does this mean the two articles a week for my first site become a workload of four including the two a week for the new product, then 6 product 3 then 8 product 4, i cannot get my head around these issues?

    if you could please help that would be great!

    Cheers Steve….Ed.

  12. Steve says:

    Hi Ed

    Great question. My answer is very simple … outsource. Find decent writers (eg. places like who can write articles within your niche, and in terms of what to write about – keyword research.

    Do keyword research within your niche, look for long-tail keyword phrases which get some traffic but which have little competition, and build up a spreadsheet of these keywords, ideally a few dozen. Some long-tail keyword phrases in fact make ideal article titles, eg. ‘How to …’.

    And then get your writers to cycle through these keywords, focusing each article on one at at time. Every so often, repeat the keyword research and refresh your list of keywords.

    It may take a while and some pain to find writers who can do what you’re looking for, but it’s worth it for the gain.

    If the above does not feel financially possible for you (obviously I’ve no idea either way), then at least do the keyword research bit and use that as the basis for your articles, and work towards the outsourcing, maybe just getting someone else to take just one article a month of your hands at first to give you a feel for it.

    Doing the above will remove the obstacle it sounds like you see in front of you right now, and allows your business/product line to be expandable.


  13. Hey Steve,

    Another question. i have a e-commerce site that will be retailing t-shirts aimed at the car lover. If I write articles maybe like “How to make your car look like a show car, with little money” or “Turbo’s, what size do I need” Shocking copy I know but my point is, would this be a little misleading as when they hit my site (there will be info on there I guess)they will mainly see shirts for sale. Or is this what the bio box is for? Maybe “For the freshest car clothing and all of your car advice click here” Am I on the right track?


  14. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Scotty,

    Yes, you are on the right track–write articles on the main topic of your website, and then in your resource box you would indicate that the site is for car clothing.

  15. thanks Steve!


  16. thank you Stave to given me the very good idea to get more traffics to my website.

  17. Arif Ali says:

    Steve, thanks for this article and for all the resources you’ve made available in this comment section. There’s a lot of info to get your arms around!

  18. Mosaic says:

    Very informative and helpful article, thanks for sharing.

  19. I feel I must sing the praises of article marketing…your site does a wonderful job of submitting great quality content to the ever-hungry surfers who ride the information super-wave of the WWW!

    Out of the 30 or so articles I have submitted – a full 20% to 25% of them (some 50% and higher) are quickly snapped up by e-zine publishers who re-publish them.

    This has increased my service based Web site traffic by a consistent 600% !
    Thank You – Submit Your Article, – the faithful readers- as well as those who re-publish!

    You ALL ROCK!

  20. Steve Shaw says:

    Hello Stephen–Thank you so much for your glowing comments and kind words. I am so glad that you are happy with the service–here’s to your success! :)


  21. Joe Short says:

    Hi Steve I am just in the middle of reading your very informative e-book on article marketing: “The Secrets Of Attracting Sustainable, Dirt-Cheap, Long-Term,Targeted Traffic To Your Website” Unlike many other books that I have down loaded yours in full of well written and informative advice. I especially like the way you go about evaluating keywords and although much of what you say is also available elsewhere it is apparent that you have put a great deal of effort and time into it. Perhaps you could advise as to whether you think article spinning is a good or bad idea. I am currently evaluating the potential of this method of sending articles to level 6 to level 3 article marketing websites. I have sent a spun article to about 30 so far and am awaiting the results.

  22. Steve Shaw says:

    @Joe Short: Hi Joe,

    If you use article spinning correctly, it can be very effective and be a big help to your SEO efforts. You can either create your variations manually or by using a special software.

    A caution though–you’d still have to ensure that resultant articles are high quality (make perfect sense, use proper grammar, don’t sound like they’ve been written by a machine, etc). Unfortunately, a lot of software produces unreadable nonsense – it can help, but it’s important to go through what’s produced to ensure it’s going to read properly.

  23. Marlon Gelb says:

    This has assisted me gain knowledge of something unique. Great content. Always keep up the good effort and keep on posting more information.

  24. smartsexygirl says:

    I really really love this website, great content and so much information! Thanks a lot!

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