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What To Do If You’re Itching To Write An Article Series…
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Sometimes folks will send in an email like this:

"I want to write a 7 part article series. How can I get viewers to read all 7 parts of my series and not just one article? Should I put "Part 1", "Part 2", etc in the title? Should I put a note in my resource box telling the reader to look for my other articles in the series? Should I put a note in my article telling them that there are other parts they should go and find?"

These are all excellent questions, and I think it's natural for anyone who has a lot of information to convey on a particular topic to get the urge to write an article series now and then.

It's just fine to do a series of articles, but you have to do it in a strategic way (which we'll go over later).

For now, I just want to make clear…

Please do not refer to "Part 1" and "Part 2" or to the other articles in your series in your article title or anywhere in your article body.

Each article that you submit must be able to stand on it's own.

The reason why we advise not to do articles that are in parts is that it decreases the chances of your article getting picked up for publication, and it also may decrease the likelihood of someone reading one of your parts that they find separate from the others.

Keep in mind that it's not a given that a publisher will pick up all of the articles in your series or that a reader will read all of them. Your article(s) may be picked up for publication on a website, blog, ezine or article directory that does not choose to also publish all of your other articles, so making a note that says "please see the other 6 parts to this series" doesn't makes sense :-) , especially if the article is published in an ezine.

It also makes it less likely that your article will be picked up by an ezine editor, since they don't want their readers going, "This is Part 2? Where is Part 1 then? Did I miss something?"

So, it's understandable if you want everyone to read all the articles in your series, but it just won't make sense to reference the other articles in each article.

Should I put a note in my resource box telling the reader to look for my other articles in the series?

I guess you could do that if you wanted to, but keep in mind that your resource box has a precious few characters that you're allowed to use, and your resource box is the one spot where you can talk about your business and try to lure readers in to your website.

Why use space in your resource box trying to get readers to look at more of your articles? The purpose of the articles is to drive traffic to your website, so I would advise directing readers to your website. 

Now, if you could use the content from your article series to lure readers to your website that would be another story…

How about this–you could set up a page on your website to serve as an index for your article series, giving links to your articles so that folks who found one of your articles could easily find the other parts if they clicked through to your website. You may even be able to use that as part of your lure in your resource box "To see the other 6 articles in this series, please go to"


You could re-work your articles so that they were unique and then publish them on your website.


How about compiling your article series into an e-book that you make available on your website?

In your resource box you could say something like, “If you enjoyed the organic gardening tips in this article, visit to claim your free e-book containing 25 more tips for a lush and healthy organic garden.” 

Not only does that get exposure for your other articles, but it also gives the reader a good reason to click through to your website–everyone loves a freebie! :-)  

Should I put a note in my article telling readers that there are other parts they should go and find?

This is an easy one–no!

I know it's sooooo tempting to use some space at the end of your article to kindly direct the reader to other articles of yours, but that will get your article declined by many quality publishers, since that type of content is considered promotional or self-serving. Remember, your article body is all about the value you can bring to your readers without putting the spotlight on yourself.

In your resource box (the author bio area that sits below your article) you are welcome to turn the spotlight on high beam and talk about your business and website, but you'll want to refrain from doing that in your article body.

So, what am I supposed to do if I have a series of articles, and what should my titles be like if I can't say "Part 1" and Part 2"?

Great questions!

Really, there is nothing wrong with writing an article series as long as you don't use the "Parts" bit in the title or anywhere else, and as long as you make each article able to stand on its own. 

I actually LOVE to write unconventional article series–I find that planning out a series helps me write more efficiently and keeps my motivation going. I'm happy to tell you exactly how I do that in our next post about how to write an unconventional article series–that post will be coming out in a day or so.

If you're still going "huh?" wondering exactly how to write an article series that will please publishers and readers, the next few posts will give you all the details, so stay tuned!

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10 Responses to “What To Do If You’re Itching To Write An Article Series…”

  1. Steve — great article! I have been thinking about writing a series, I have a business model called the 7 Stages of Growth and each stage of growth requires different priorities for a leader to consider, with some of the ideas from this article, I have a much clearer perspective of what I can and can’t do.

    Thanks much. I really enjoy your stuff!

  2. Darren says:

    I did a part 1 and 2 before, in my bio box directing to part 2 which was located on my site, and the same for part 1. Not too keen on them though. Prefere single articles.

  3. Kaye Dennan says:

    Very valid points Steve. I especially refer to the one where a first time reader may catch up at No. 3, cant find No. 1 & 2, so doesn’t bother reading 4 – 7.

    Single articles do mean that they can more ‘in the moment’ articles.

  4. Pat Gunning says:

    Great suggestions Steve!

    I would also suggest an auto-responder series and list building technique. Post all six articles then set up 6 auto-responder sessions one for each article submitted with the other 5 articles as part of the series.

    Creating interest and a hook are all great marketing techniques!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful site. I’m going to feature it in my new site “100 things To Do Before You Die – Create Your Bucket List”

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  9. Another great article, there always a joy to read. hoping if i read enough, your style will rub of on me. really liked pats idea with the auto responders,if they liked it enough to click, they will certainly want to see the rest

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