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What’s An HTML Resource Box?
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Have you ever been submitting an article and seen the option to include an Advanced HTML Resource Box and wondered “What’s up with that?”

Here’s the deal–All article directories (and other publishers too) accept text resource boxes, so you will always need to include a text resource box. Some directories, however, accept HTML resource boxes, and if you include an HTML resource box we’ll supply the Advanced HTML version of your resource box to all the publishers who accept HTML.

To all the other publishers who do not accept HTML in the resource box, your text resource box is sent. A publisher receives either a text resource box OR an HTML one (if you’ve provided one)–not both.

What are the perks of providing an HTML resource box?

The Advanced HTML resource box allows you to get more bang for your SEO buck by allowing you to hyperlink specific keywords or keyword phrases. Google and the other search engines pay special attention to hyperlinked phrases, so doing an HTML resource box can be a good way to help boost your search engine listings for those keyword terms.

Some common mistakes in an HTML resource box:

Hyperlinking your name or business name. The goal is to hyperlink your keywords associated with your website, and your name is not a keyword. A keyword would be something that your target market would be typing into a Google search box that would hopefully lead them to your website.

Not hyperlinking any keywords at all, but just hyperlinking your regular text URL ( If you do include a written out URL, you will need to hyperlink it to make it clickable, but there should also be some place in your resource box where your keywords are hyperlinked.

Submitting an HTML resource box with just a hyperlinked word or phrase. Sometimes an author will write a really great and thorough text resource box, and radically cut down their HTML resource box so that it’s just a hyperlinked word or phrase. Your HTML resource box should contain just as much information as your text resource box, because a publisher will receive one or the other–not both. Remember, when your articles are submitted either the HTML resource box OR the text resource box will be sent. If a site accepts HTML resource boxes, then only the HTML one will be sent, so it’s necessary to craft an HTML resource box that has as much info as the text one.

If reading about “HTML this” and “keyword that” and “search engine terms” makes your brain hurt, then don’t worry about it –just continue using your text resource box and you’ll still be okay.

But, if you’d like to live on the wild side and take a shot at creating an Advanced HTML resource box, then let’s go for it!

I’ll show you step-by-step how to create an HTML resource box to be proud of in just a bit….

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7 Responses to “What’s An HTML Resource Box?”

  1. Thank you for send ing me this email. I am going to add myself to your RSS feeds as I see your webpage a powerful source of information.

    In a matter of 2 months say around july this year 2008 i will be a member as i have seen your members articles come up frequently in searches I make on a number of subjects.

    Claude from Brisbane

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Claude,

    Thanks so much! That’s great–we look forward to welcoming you on board :-)

  3. [...] An author has an absolutely gorgeous text resource box, but their HTML resource box is just a skeleton of what it should be with just their keywords hyperlinked.  [...]

  4. RodCook says:

    Great material

    Every little bit counts and this is a BIG little bit that too many people don’t know. You should put it in and Ebook and sell it!

    Rod Cook

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Rod,

    Now that’s an idea! ;-)

  6. Ed says:

    Steve, your a genius always great content, and the tips would every bit of gold.

    Always worth the read here.

    Ed :)

  7. Gail says:

    This is great information. I did not know about hyperlinking keywords in my text box and will be doing some editing! Many thanks for this and all the other excellent information I get from your emails.

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